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ATN - Gale Sail


The ATN Gale Sail™ is a storm jib that can be hoisted over a roller reefing foresail.

Simply lead the foresail sheets down to the deck, secure and hank on the Gale Sail to the reinforced sleeve over the furled genoa, attach its sheets and hoist with the spinnaker halyard.

Prevents accidental unfurling of the genoa too.

Price:  £629.00(Inc. VAT @ 20%)
Sail fabric:  
Sail area:  

Article Number:  GS6W

The ATN Gale Sail, since it is hoisted over a furled roller sail, has great aerodynamic shape and much better than a conventional storm jib hanked on a removable headstay (or a partially furled sail, which, almost certainly, will not have been designed or built for that purpose).

The Gale Sail slides up and down amazingly well because Dacron slides over itself very well. (The next time you walk over a folded sail on deck, note how slippery it is).

It can be hoisted with the spinnaker halyard or spare jib halyard.

The Gale Sail requires less halyard tension than a conventional storm jib would need, since its luff (pouch) is supported by the wide forward part of the roller furled sail. By the same token, chafing is not a problem since the Gale Sail is riding on a large area. Chafing is a problem when a lot of pressure is on a small area, not when it is spread over a large surface.

  • Oversized piston hanks PLUS webbed grommets for easier hoisting.
  • No need for a removable forestay.
  • It eliminates the dangerous job of unfurling, lowering and stowing away the furled genoa to free up the roller furler in windy conditions to hoist the conventional storm jib.
  • Since it is hoisted over the furled headsail, the Gale Sail prevents any dangerous accidental unfurling.
  • No transformations or alterations of the rig are needed. The Gale Sail is ready to be hoisted immediately.
SKU Area Fabric  Price
GS6W 6m2 White £629.00
GS6O 6m2 Hi-visibility orange £649.00
GS9W 9m2 White £899.00
GS9O 9m2 Hi-visibility orange £929.00
GS12W 12m2 White £1,200.00
GS12O 12m2 Hi-visibility orange £1,260.00

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