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Aerogen - Regulators

Aerogen - Regulators
Regulator Model:  

Manufacturer #:  LVM4TB12

Price:  £289.99(Inc. VAT @ 20%)

The outputs of the Aerogen can be simply connected directly to the terminals of the battery that requires charging, however, if the terminal voltage of the battery is not continually monitored for over voltage (14.2v for 12v batteries) and (28.4v for 24v batteries) the battery can be seriously damaged. Fitting a voltage regulator will protect the battery from becoming over charged.

Aerogen regulators are bought in to order, please allow for a 2 week lead time.

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Product Information

Twin battery regulators –

Note: These regulators draw NO standby current from the battery.

These units are connected between the output of the Aerogen module and the battery terminals. They control the actual output voltage of Aerogen by diverting power to a high wattage wire wound dump resistor when their output voltage reaches 14.2v (12v systems) or 28.4 (24v systems). They have two schottky blocking diodes built into the regulator which enables them to monitor and control the charge to two batteries totally independent of each other, therefore making it ideal for separate charging of engine starting and domestic batteries. The battery with the lowest terminal voltage will be charged first, then gradually when both batteries become fully charged the Aerogen modules output is automatically diverted to the dump resistor, this does two things it stops the batteries over charging and keeps the generator always on load.

  Aero4Gen 12V Aero4gen 24V Aero6Gen 12V Aero6Gen 24V
Regulator part no. 4TB12 4TB24 6TB12 6TB24

Also available are Diode Units – Product No. 4DU, 6DU

The 4DU when combined with a 4TB regulator enables one additional battery to be charged.

The 6DU when combined with a 4TB or 6TB regulator enables two additional batteries to be charged.

The table below shows the recommended regulator for various systems. Note: Two batteries wired in parallel are classed as one independent battery. Having selected the recommended regulator model from the table simply add the voltage required ie. 4TB12 for a 12v system or 4TB24 for a 24v system. 

  Number of independant batteries to be charged
Model 1 2 3 4
Aero4gen 4TB 4TB 4TB+4DU 4TB+6DU
Aero6gen 6TB 6TB 6TB+6DU 6TB+6DU

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