Dometic - Oceanair SKYSCREEN Roller Surface Hatch Screen Lewmar Size 44
 Dometic - Oceanair SKYSCREEN Roller Surface Hatch Screen Lewmar Size 44Dometic - Oceanair SKYSCREEN Roller Surface Hatch Screen Lewmar Size 44 

Dometic - Oceanair SKYSCREEN Roller Surface Hatch Screen Lewmar Size 44

Dometic Blinds (Oceanair)


Manufacturer #:  SRS-44-W-SLR 442/442-RP

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Quick and easy to install, SKYSCREEN Roller Surface 2 is a combined flyscreen and blackout blind, custom made for hatches. Whilst the blackout blind provides full darkness, the flyscreen allows for an airy yet insect-free environment, ideal for undisturbed sleep.

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Product Information

Dometic SKYSCREEN Roller Surface Features

  • Quick and easy installation
  • White or beige hardware colour
  • Magnetic closure
  • Optional seal or liner systems
  • Ideal for thin decks
  • Standard sizes available as well as custom design

Liner or Seal?


Aesthetically pleasing, covers any gaps between the SKYSCREEN and hatch.

  • ​Clips into the SKYSCREEN, trim can be easily cut down to fit any hatch tunnel
  • Accommodating all makes and sizes of hatch
  • Available in 5 heights: 35, 42, 50, 60, 106mm
  • Minimalist and stylish design, hard wearing and easy to clean
  • UV resistant material, durable, light reflective and lightweight
  • Available in white and flat packed for easy shipping


A silicon seal between the blind and mounting surface helps resolve any problems in size variation.

Please note that choosing either the liner or the seal option changes the aperture of the blind.

Dometic SKYSCREEN Roller Surface Standard Sizes

Hatch size Manufacturer Width Height
00 Lewmar       211mm 211mm
03 Lewmar 231mm 176mm
10 Lewmar 260mm 260mm
20 Lewmar 347mm 202mm
30 Lewmar 457mm 327mm
40 Lewmar 421mm 421mm
44 Lewmar 442mm 442mm
50 Lewmar 507mm 377mm
54 Lewmar 507mm 392mm
60 Lewmar 507mm 507mm
70 Lewmar 627mm 627mm
1000 Bomar 273mm 273mm
1029 Bomar 470mm 340mm
1039 Bomar 514mm 514mm
1070 Bomar 421mm 421mm
1080 Bomar 470mm 470mm
1212 Taylor 305mm 305mm
2020 Taylor 502mm 502mm
2222 Taylor 559mm 559mm

SKY SCREENS can be installed up to 30° from horizontal as standard - they can be installed vertically but tensions springs will need to be adjusted.

Fitting guide for Oceanair - SKYSCREEN Roller Surface 2

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