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Gebo - Engine Compartment Vent

Special Buy
Gebo - Engine Compartment Vent
Gebo - Engine Compartment VentGebo - Engine Compartment VentGebo - Engine Compartment Vent



Cut-out: 600x175mm

Finish: White Coated

Price:  £129.00
RRP:  £395.00
Save:  £266.00
(Inc. VAT @ 20%)

Gebo Air Suction Ventilators are the perfect blend of form and function. This unique design provides efficient engine compartment air management through a powerful air suction unit that requires no power source whatsoever other than air movement outside the boat. There are no fans, no motors, and virtually no maintenance.

When the craft is in motion, the unit simply extracts air from the engine compartment and replaces it with fresh air from outside the craft.

To preserve the clean lines of your design, the vents are manufactured in the same style and extrusions as Gebo portlights, and the labour-saving clamp system has a clean look to the outside.

The special dorade box (supplied) ensures that any water that collects within the air suction mechanism can be directed out of the unit to the outside of the boat.

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