Gebo - Fly-Blinds for Gebo Deck Hatches

Gebo - Fly-Blinds for Gebo Deck Hatches


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Fly-blinds for the Gebo Standard Hatch and Gebo Flushline hatch.

A framed blind / flyscreen combination.

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Gebo Standard Hatch Specifications

Cut-out (X1 x Y1) Flange Acrylic thickness Cut-out radius (R1) Overall (X x Y) Overall radius (R)
200 x 200mm With flange Unavailable
200 x 200mm No flange 10mm


260 x 260mm 60mm
260 x 260mm With flange Unavailable
260 x 260mm No flange 10mm 30mm 320 x 320mm 60mm
325 x 185mm With flange Unavailable
325 x 185mm No flange 10mm 30mm 385 x 245mm 60mm
341 x 196mm With flange Unavailable
341 x 196mm No flange 10mm 30mm 401 x 256mm 60mm
410 x 410mm With flange 10mm 55mm 505 x 375mm 83mm
410 x 410mm No flange 10mm 30mm 470 x 470mm 60mm
450 x 320mm With flange Unavailable
450 x 320mm No flange 10mm 30mm 510 x 380mm 60mm
451 x 451mm With flange Unavailable
451 x 451mm No flange 10mm 30mm 511 x 511mm 60mm
500 x 370mm With flange 10mm 55mm 555 x 425mm 83mm
500 x 370mm No flange 10mm 30mm 560 x 430mm 60mm
500 x 500mm With flange 10mm 55mm 555 x 555mm 83mm
500 x 500mm No flange 10mm 30mm 560 x 560mm 60mm
620 x 620mm With flange 15mm 55mm 675 x 675mm 83mm
620 x 620mm No flange 15mm 30mm 680 x 680mm 60mm
680 x 550mm With flange 15mm 55mm 735 x 615mm 83mm
680 x 550mm No flange Unavailable
800 x 800mm With flange Unavailable
800 x 800mm No flange 15mm 30mm 860 x 860mm 60mm
900 x 600mm With flange 15mm 55mm 955 x 655mm 83mm
900 x 600mm No flange Unavailable
900 x 900mm With flange Unavailable
900 x 900mm No flange 15mm 30mm 960 x 960mm 60mm
1150 x 750mm With flange 15mm 55mm 1205 x 805mm 83mm
1150 x 750mm No flange Unavailable

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