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Holt - LED Festoon navigation light bulbs


LED bulbs to replace filament Festoon style bulbs.

Price:  £6.00(Inc. VAT @ 20%)
Festoon bulb:  

Article Number:  R760

Bulb selection

Part no. Lumens No. of LEDs Connection
R760 90lm 12 SV8.5 - 37mm 360°
R765 90lm 12 SV8.5 - 42mm 360°
R769 71lm 12 SV8.5 - 42mm 360° dimple end
Aqua signal Festoon bulb

What does L.E.D. stand for?

L.E.D. is the common abbreviation for a light-emitting-diode.

Why LED's?

As a rule, LED bulbs use 90% less electricity than standard bulbs. They have an unparalleled even spectrum of light and have a lifespan beyond ten years. LED's provide us with the most efficient way to save energy and conserve our natural resources.

What does S.M.D. stand for?

S.M.D. is the common abbreviation for surface mounted diode, which is the next generation of LED.

LED's for Navigation lights

LED's work on a set colour wavelength, so if a white bulb is placed in a green lens it will usually result in a blue-ish light. The red lens will show a very dark red, like red wine. Neither is compliant with the collision regulation. Therefore it is important that a direct colour replacement LED bulb, ie: green for green, red for red and white for white is used.

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