Imray - Charts for the Caribbean Sea (A, B and D series)

Imray - Charts for the Caribbean Sea (A, B and D series)



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Product Information

Chart No. Description
1 Eastern Caribbean General Chart
A Lesser Antilles
A1 Puerto Rico
A11 Bahia de Guanica to Punta Borinquen
A12 Punta Figuras to Bahia de Guanica
A13 Cabo San Juan to Culebra Is and Punta Figuras
A131 Isla de Culebra and Isla de Viques
A14 San Juan to Isla de Vieques and Isla de Culebra
A141 Cabo San Juan to Ensenada Honda and Isla de Vieques

Puerto Rico to ST Christopher

A23 Virgin Islands and St Croix
A231 Virgin Islands
A232 Virgin Islands
A233 Virgin Islands
A234 Northeast Coast of St Croix
A24 Anguilla, St Martin and St Barthélémy
A241 St Barthélémy
A26 Barbuda
A27 Antigua
A271 North Coast of Antigua
A28 Guadeloupe
A281 Anchorages in Guadeloupe, Les Saintes and Marie-galante
A29 Dominica
A3 Anguilla to Dominica Passage chart
A30 Martinique
A301 Martinique- South and East Coasts
A4 Guadeloupe to St Lucia Passage Chart
B Lesser Antilles
B1 St Lucia
B2 Barbados
B3 The Grenadines
B30 Grenadines- North Sheet
B31 Grenadines- Middle Sheet
B311 Middle Grenadines
B32 Carriacou to Grenada
B4 Tobago
B5 Martini
B6 Grenada to Tobago and Trinidad
D Venezuela
D1 Port of Spain to Cabo Codera
D10 North Coast of Trinidad and Golfo de Paria
D11 Trinidad to Carupano
D12 Carupano to Cumana and Isle de Margarita
D13 Isla de Margarita to Carenero
D131 Puerto Mochim to Bahia de Barcelona
D14 Islas Los Testigos, Islas los Testigos, Islas la Tortuga, la Blanquilla
D2 Cabo Codera to Cabo San Roman
D21 Carenero to Punta San Jan
D22 Isla los Roques and Isla de Aves
D23 Punta Aguide to Cabo San Roman and the A, B, C Islands.
D231 Bonaire and Aruba
D232 Curaçao

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