Profurl - Spinex Top Down Furler
Profurl - Spinex Top Down FurlerProfurl - Spinex Top Down FurlerProfurl - Spinex Top Down FurlerProfurl - Spinex Top Down FurlerProfurl - Spinex Top Down Furler

Profurl - Spinex Top Down Furler



Manufacturer #:  SPINEX0.9A

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When it comes to asymmetric spinnakers, top down furling is the best solution for bringing in your sail. The concept first appeared on maxi yachts before filtering down to more modestly-sized sailing boats. Thanks to its swivel tack, the sail can be furled from the top downward to progressively stifle the sail without creating a jam.

Works perfectly with our Cruising Chutes.

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Why Choose the Profurl Spinex Top Down Furler?

East to use, safe, efficient, adaptable

Using asymmetric spinnakers in some conditions can be dangerous. With the Spinex, you're going to rediscover the joys of this type of sailing because it allows you to:

  • Easily handle this type of sail (even short-handed)
  • Remain in the safety of the cockpit
  • Improve the performance of your sailing-boat by using downwind sails

Adaptable: One system for many uses

The Spinex can easily be converted into a NEX by removing the swivel tack from the drum and the end fittings, and then it can be used for sails like a gennaker or a code zero.

Advantages of Using the Spinex Top Down Furler

Sail bearing technology: efficient, reliable furling

Problem: Because asymmetric spinnaker cloth is both light and fragile, the anti-twist cable has a tendency to damage it. Also, the cable spins faster than the sail during furling which means the latter sometimes jams.

Profurl solution: Sail Bearing Technology comprises high-density spheres that spin freely around the anti-twist cable in order to protect the sail from the cable. Sail Bearing Technology allows you to:

  • keep the sail away from the cable
  • stop reverse furling, which causes the sail to jam
  • reduce wear of the sailcloth
  • make furling easier and faster because it has a greater diameter than the cable on its own

A complete system ready to use

  • SPINEX comes with drum, swivel, cable, end fittings, tack swivel, etc.
  • Except for the length of the cable, SPINEX is ready to fit and ready to use out of the box.

Multi-purpose and adaptable

  • Remove the tack swivel and turn your SPINEX into a NEX ready to use with gennakers and code zeros
  • Profurl’s SPIN KIT fits on NEX furlers.

Other advantages

  • Compatible with NEX technology, such as I-Connect, Safe System, etc.
  • Improved safety when worked from the cockpit or short-handed.
  • Requires little storage space.
  • System compatible with all types of asymmetric spinnakers.

Choosing your Profurl Spinex Top Down Furler

  Spinex 0.9 Spinex 1.5 Spinex 2.5 Spinex 5.0
Boat length
(not contractual)
up to 9m up to 11m up to 14m up to 18m
Sail area recommendation up to 50m2 up to 80m2 up to 130m2 up to 250m2
Maximum working load 900kg 1500kg 2500kg 5000kg
Spool diameter 100mm 120mm 150mm 195mm
Lower end fitting Clevis pin snap shackle
Upper end fitting D shackle
Anti-twist cable Ø 9.5mm 9.5mm 12.7mm 12.7mm
Cable length delivered as standard 14m 17m 20m 25m
Weight of cable & spheres per metre 0.450 kg/m 0.0450 kg/m 0.460 kg/m 0.460 kg/m


Profurl Spinex Specifications

  Spinex 0.9 Spinex 1.5 Spinex 2.5 Spinex 5.0  
A mm 99.3 110.8 149.6 185

B mm 67.3 78.8 101.6 135
C mm 32 32 48 50
D mm 32 32 48 50
E mm 101.9 113.1 136.9 175
Ø spool mm 100 120 150 195
Ø furling line mm 8 10 10 10
Ø anti-twist cable mm 9.5 9.5 12.7 12.7
Weight: spool only kg 0.33 0.53 0.82 1.44
Weight: tack swivel, lower end fitting & thimble kg 0.39 0.395 0.645 0.64
Weight: swivel only kg 0.1 0.14 0.24 0.7
Weight: upper terminal & thimble kg 0.11 0.115 0.29 0.285
Technical data: thimbles
A mm 11 14 17 18
B mm 31.5 31.5 42 42
Ø C mm 10 10 14 14
D mm 10.5 10.5 12 16


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