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Sea-Tags - Man Over Board Device for Smartphone

Sea-Tags - Man Over Board Device for Smartphone
Sea-Tags - Man Over Board Device for SmartphoneSea-Tags - Man Over Board Device for SmartphoneSea-Tags - Man Over Board Device for SmartphoneSea-Tags - Man Over Board Device for Smartphone


Price:  £79.00
(Inc. VAT @ 20%)

Keep an eye on your crew!

Navigate serenely with the Sea-Tags device and its free app. Your smartphone or tablet alerts you if a Sea-Tags carrier falls over board and it gives you the heading and distance to help you recover the man over board.


The Sea-Tags wristbands continuously send a signal to one or more smartphones equipped with the Sea-Tags app. When a device is submmerged, the communication is lost and all phones currently monitoring it will trigger an alarm and save their GPS position at the time of the incident.

Moreover, it is possible to configure the app in order to send a text message to an Emergency contact (friend or family). If a MOB alarm is triggered, the smartphone left on board, will send a text message to the Emergency contact with the GPS position of the boat when the signal was lost. The emergency contact can then lift any doubt by calling, and if needed, he can contact emergency services and give them the last known GPS location.

After an alarm is triggered, the Sea-Tags app continuously displays the boat position, as well as the direction and distance that separates it from the point where the communication with the device was first lost. The app also include a manual MOB alert and allows the user to easily contact emergency services.

Download the Sea-Tags app, pair you beacon using the QR code, start monitoring and you are good to go !


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  • Easy to use and affordable
  • No installation required on the boat
  • Ideal for watching over children
  • Can be used everywhere, even in open sea*
  • Perfect for night navigation
  • The Sea-Tags can be monitored by several smartphones

*Text alert requires GSM coverage

Beacon (technical specifications)

Width: 36mm

Length: 32mm

Thickness: 9mm

Weight: 13g

Battery: CR2032 - 3 volts

Autonomy: (continuous emission): 600 hours

Emission range: 100m in open space

Emission frequency: 4 per second

Sealing: IP67

Works with Bluetooth BLE technology

Certification: CE, FCC & IC


Legal Stuff

Sea-Tags™ is an MOB alarm system for information only. It does not replace any mandatory safety equipment on board. Even while using the app, people should pay attention to their surroundings and other crew members. Text messages require a valid cell phone plan and internet access to work properly. Sea-Tags™ cannot guarantee the delivery of a text message as a result of network quality at the time of alarm. Sea-Tags™ cannot be liable for any reason whatsoever.

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