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Shockles® - DockShockle™


The DockShockle™ safely absorbs shock loads on yachts.

The DockShockle features a patented line limiter and progressive tension design to ease constant or sudden shock loads. It safely absorbs shock loads on craft up to 12m (40') in length.

Price:  £42.95(Inc. VAT @ 20%)

  • 1 x 310mm (12") DockShockle™ with 2x 316 stainlees steel carabiners.
  • 2 x Mini-LineGrabbers™ for easy attachment to braided or twisted lines up to 19mmØ. Mini-LineGrabbers create quick, secure attachments using a basic Prusik knot. Each Mini-LineGrabber measures 170mm (7") long.

DockShockle is made of (1,140kg) test nylon webbing with an outer sheath of 1590 kg test tubular nylon webbing that's UV resistant to protect all internal parts.

Webbing is 310mm (12") long.  The ideal working slack in line is 80 - 150 mm (3 - 6").

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