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Spectra - Spectraflex 32W solar panel

Spectra - Spectraflex 32W solar panel


Article Number:  CA-10/33

Price:  £329.95(Inc. VAT @ 20%)

The Spectraflex is a highly flexible solar panel which can be rolled to a diameter of just 30cm for storage and in use placed on to curved surfaces such as a sail boom or a coachroof.

It is made from a spectrum splitting amorphous silicon cell design that converts very low levels of light to useable solar energy. Unlike other types of amorphous silicon technology the Spectraflex is very stable over many years where others degrade rapidly soon after deployment. Bypass diodes are connected across each cell so the panel is also shadow tolerant.

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  • Amorphous silicon technology cells Spectrum splitting cells designed to convert very low and high levels of light to useable solar energy. Very stable output over many years.
  • So flexible it can be curved round in either plane and direction. Can be rolled to a diameter of just 30cm for storage and unrolled onto any surface during use.
  • Generates up to 9Ah per day in UK summertime, 63Ah weekly. Useful for charging batteries for weekend use.
  • Rugged, durable construction built from UV stabilised polymers, bonded and stitched to a cushioned backing material. Efficient and stable amorphous silicone cells are robustly encapsulated so the module can be walked on in soft soled shoes.
  • Portable and lightweight, ideal for temporary installation as no mounting holes need to be drilled. Each panel has 4 corner eyelets for attaching with rope or bungee cords. Can be rolled out flat or just hung facing the sun. Simply stow it away when not in use.
  • Weatherproof - the whole panel is weatherproof and carries a 2-year limited warranty.
  • Built-in diodes are connected across each cell making the panel shadow tolerant. Therefore the panel can be hung over a boom or rigging and still operate efficiently. Prevents current from flowing out of the battery during darkness. Allows you to connect Spectra panels directly to the battery.
  • Simple and maintenance-free. The fitting of a solar regulator is recommended to prevent overcharge if the system is left unattended for long periods or if the minimum ratio of 10W of solar panel to every 100Ah of battery is exceeded.

Peak Output: 32W

Max Current: 1.94A

Dimensions: 1429mm x 424mm x 5mm

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