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Topclimber - Mast climber

Topclimber is the only solo mast climbing system that allows the operator to work above the masthead without leaving the chair.

Price:  £299.95(Inc. VAT @ 20%)

General features

  • The operator can climb the mast safely and quickly without any assistance from others.
  • It also has the ability to reach the stays by simply attaching the static line on the rail.
  • Easy to install and simple to use.

Safety features

  • The Topclimber can take a maximum weight of up to 200kg.
  • 20% stronger than any approved mountaineering device.
  • It's impossible to release both of the one way jammers at the same time.
  • The seat clip and the spacer strap prevent swaying away from the mast even when the boat heels over.
  • Topclimber features a bosuns chair with backrest and a one-way jammer. Also features leg straps, with two loops for the feet and a one-way jammer.
  • The Topclimber rides a 7/16" to ½" low stretch line.
  • The Topclimbers metal parts are made from special aluminium and rust proof steel that protects against salt and erosion.
  • The Topclimber comes together with a tool bag that can be used  store the top climber.

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