Wade Marine - Pole Position® Rope Handling Device

Wade Marine - Pole Position® Rope Handling Device

Wade Marine

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Pole position® is a rope handling device that allows a length of rope to be manipulated and accurately placed at a distance from the user.

When mooring a boat, for example a pleasure boat, at a mooring or dock it is often difficult or unsuitably timed to jump ashore and secure the boat to the mooring bollard. This could be because the boat is being operated singlehandedly, so it would be unsuitable for the Skipper to leave the helm or it could be that it is not possible to get close enough to the dock to jump ashore.

This leaves the only option of throwing the loop of rope over the bollard, rarely achieved at a first attempt and subsequently see’s the boat drifting away from the dock or mooring.

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Product Information

Pole position® will address this primary mooring issue, but can, as will be described, be used in many other applications.
The rope manipulation is completed by means of a receiving part attached to the rope in a permanent secure fixing, at a suitable position from any end of rope feature, such as a loop or another device. The manipulation device can then be used at any point by sliding on and down the rope to meet with the receiver and subsequently securing the rope end, the pole attached can be extended telescopically if required to allow accurate placement of the rope end and easily released when the manoeuvre is completed.

Primarily designed for use as a mooring device the Pole Position® unit can also be used with a number of items of safety equipment such as rescue devices allowing them to be passed accurately out to the person in distress. For example a person in the water is often thrown a life ring which then free floats, and on occasion it could be that the individual has been in distress for some time and is suffering fatigue and can struggle to receive or swim to the life ring, Pole Position® can be applied in the same way as when mooring, the life ring rope would have the receiver attached and the pole would then be used to position the ring close or even over the person in distress, allowing an easy return to safety. This would be the same for man overboard slings, allowing over the head placement or even catchment of an unconscious person.

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