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Barton - Size 1 deck organisers

Barton - Size 1 deck organisers
Deck organiser: 2 sheaveDeck organiser: 3 sheaveDeck organiser: 4 sheaveDeck organiser: 5 sheaveDeck organiser: 6 sheave


Sheave Ø: 32mm
Sheave width: 16mm
Max line Ø: 12mm
Fastenings: 6mm
Hole centres 43mm
Price:  £28.95(Inc. VAT @ 20%)
Deck organiser:  

Article Number:  81582

Designed for use when leading control lines and halyards across the coach roof and back to the cockpit.

This range features aluminium construction with 'Spectro' grey anodised finish. Sheaves are from moulded Acetal with hollow stainless rivets to allow easy and tidy fitting.

Size 1 deck organisers
Sheave Part number Length Width Height Weight
2 sheaves Plain sheave 81582 115mm 28mm 25mm 108g
3 sheaves Plain sheave 81583 157mm 28mm 25mm 155g
4 sheaves Plain sheave 81584 200m 28mm 25mm 200g
5 sheaves Plain sheave 81585 244mm 28mm 25mm 244g
6 sheaves Plain sheave 81586 287mm 28mm 25mm 295g

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