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Clamcleat® - Racing Micros Cleat (CL275)

Clamcleat® - Racing Micros Cleat (CL275)


The smallest open aluminium cleat.  Available with either a silver or hard anodised finish.  Ideal to be used for control lines on dinghies or kayaks.

The nylon equivalent of this cleat (CL274) is also available.

Price:  £4.65(Inc. VAT @ 20%)

Article Number:  CL275AN

Clamcleat® - Racing Micros Cleat

Rope size 1 - 4mmØ 3/64" - 5/32"Ø
Material Aluminium Aluminium
Dimensions (L x W x D) 33  x  13  x  15mm 1 5/16"  x  1/2"  x  5/8"
Fixing hole centres 24mm apart 15/16" apart
Bolt size M3 #4-40. 1/8"
Screw size 3mm No 4
Weight 7g 0.2oz

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