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Clamcleat® - Vertical Cleat

Clamcleat® - Vertical Cleat


With the CL201 Vertical Rope Clamp the rope drops down into the teeth to give a quick and positive lock that is easy to release.

The cleat is manufactured from UV resistant plastic, making it cost effective and ideal for holding rope in an outdoor environment.  Its simple design has led to it being fitting on boats to farm equipment.  An alloy version (CL219) is also available.

Price:  £4.99(Inc. VAT @ 20%)

Article Number:  CL201

Clamcleat - Vertical Cleat

Rope size 6 - 12mm
Material Nylon
Dimensions 95  x  28mm (Fixing hole centres are 72mm apart)
Bolt size M6
Screw size 6.3mm
Weight 43g

Clamcleat® - Vertical Cleat

Installation instructions Click here for installation drawing (links to external site: Clamcleat)
Notes Fitting can be aided by a Tapered Pad (CL804).

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