Colligo MarineŽ - Line Terminator End Fittings
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Colligo MarineŽ - Line Terminator End Fittings

Colligo Marine


Manufacturer #:  CSS70BLK

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Colligo’s Patented Line Terminator end fittings are the only spliceable, lashable and pinable end fittings available that meet Hampidjan's recommended minimum 5/1 bending ratio for Dynex Dux.  This is essential for long term durability of Dyneema based lines as tight bending radii cause compressive stresses that weaken the line considerably.

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Product Information

Model Pins size with sleeve

Hole size without sleeve

Slot width
Overall width
Overall diameter
Line size
Pin centre depth
Lashing line slot size
Lashing holes SWL Break strength Weight Comments
CSS70 6.4mm 6.4mm 6.4mm 10mm 36.8mm 3-6mm 12mm 6.4mm 2 1818kg 3636kg 32g No sleeve, use PTFE for isolation, typical distributor CSS60 or CSS90
CSS71 12.8mm 15.88mm 10mm 15mm 66mm 7-9mm 24.5mm 6.4mm 4 4545kg 9091kg 120g 7-9mm terminator, typical distributor CSS61 or CSS91
CSS72 15.9mm 19mm 14mm 20mm 73.8mm 11-13mm 28mm 6.4mm 4 6818kg 13636kg 172g 11-13mm terminator, typical distributor CSS62 or CSS92
CSS73 19mm 22mm 18mm 26mm 90mm 15-17mm 33mm 8mm 4 11364kg 22727kg 355g 15-17mm terminator, typical distributor CSS63 or CSS62.5
CSS74 9mm 12mm 7.5mm 11mm 58mm 5-7mm 18mm 6.4mm 3 1818kg 3636kg 51g Light weight "mini" series, typical distributor CSS95 or CSS94


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