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The Istec Easysnuffer Pro is, by build and design, the best spinnaker and asymmetric snuffer available. The composite snuffer mouth is elliptical in shape and very smooth so to minimise friction. It houses two snap hooks as keepers for the sail clews. The Easysnuffer Pro sleeve has red and green tablings and deploys a "two stage" dowsing system for that extra pulling power. The sleeve is constructed of a tough and breathable nylon fabric.Easysnuffer Pro Logo

Price:  £369.00(Inc. VAT @ 20%)
Easysnuffer length:  

Article Number:  BSU6.5

Snuffer Length Model Snuffer Size
    Width Length Height
6.5m - 14.5m F 0.5 50cm 34cm 10cm
15.0m - 22.0m F 1.0 61cm 41cm 10cm
23.0m - 30.0m F 2.0 75cm 43cm 12cm

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