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Gebo - Mosquito Screens for Gebo Standard Deck Hatches

Gebo - Mosquito Screens for Gebo Standard Deck Hatches
 Gebo - Mosquito Screens for Gebo Standard Deck HatchesGebo - Mosquito Screens for Gebo Standard Deck Hatches 


Hatch cut-out:  

Manufacturer #:

Price:  £48.99(Inc. VAT @ 20%)

Mosquito screens for Gebo Standard Deck Hatches.

Replacement flyscreen grips are also available.

We're currently unable to show live stock information on our website, so if you need delivery fast we strongly recommend checking availability first. Simply fill out the form below and we'll get back to you, or call us on +44 (0)1243 375774 for an immediate answer.

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Product Information

Hatch cut-out dimensions Cut-out radius Mosquito screen dimensions Part no.
Hatches with flange
450 x 320mm 55mm 436.5 x 310mm
495 x 495mm 95mm 485 x 485mm
500 x 370mm 55mm 486.5 x 360mm
500 x 500mm 55mm 490 x 490mm
620 x 620mm 55mm 610 x 610mm
680 x 550mm 55mm 666.5 x 540mm
900 x 600mm 55mm - -
1,150 x 750mm 55mm - -
Hatches without flange
200 x 200mm 30mm 195 x 195mm
260 x 260mm 30mm 255 x 255mm
325 x 185mm 30mm 320 x 180mm
341 x 196mm 30mm 336 x 191mm
410 x 410mm 30mm 405 x 405mm
450 x 320mm 30mm 445 x 315mm
451 x 451mm 30mm 446 x 446mm
500 x 370mm 30mm 495 x 365mm
500 x 500mm 30mm 495 x 495mm
620 x 620mm 30mm 615 x 615mm
800 x 800mm 30mm 795 x 795mm
900 x 900mm 30mm - -

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