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Hempel - Brilliant Gloss

Hempel - Brilliant Gloss
Colour: Matterhorn White (10121),  Can size: 750mlColour: Town Grey (10141),  Can size: 750mlColour: Pure White (10231),  Can size: 375mlColour: Pure White (10231),  Can size: 750mlColour: Pure White (10231),  Can size: 2.5 litres
Colour: Off White (10381),  Can size: 750mlColour: Polar White (10501),  Can size: 750mlColour: Pale Grey (12011),  Can size: 750mlColour: Smoke Grey (12221),  Can size: 750mlColour: Black (19990),  Can size: 750ml
Colour: Cream (21401),  Can size: 750mlColour: Britannia Blue (31810),  Can size: 750mlColour: Souvenirs Blue (32800),  Can size: 750mlColour: Cobalt Blue (34161),  Can size: 750mlColour: Flag Blue (35141),  Can size: 750ml
Colour: Ice Blue (38140),  Can size: 750mlColour: Marine Green (46121),  Can size: 750mlColour: Survival Orange (50190),  Can size: 750mlColour: Bordeaux Red (53121),  Can size: 750mlColour: Radiant Red (54121),  Can size: 750ml


Brilliant Gloss is a high gloss alkyd topcoat with excellent colour retention.  Flexible and resistant to salt water and pollutants.   Easy application ensures an exceptional finish.  For exterior and interior use above the waterline.

Minimum application temperature 5°c.

Colour description (and code) Sample *
Matterhorn White (10121)  
Town Grey (10141)  
Pure White (10231)  
Off White (10381)  
Polar White (10501)  
Pale Grey (12011)  
Smoke Grey (12221)  
Black (19990)  
Cream (21401)  
Britannia Blue (31810)  
Souvenirs Blue (32800)  
Cobalt Blue (34161)  
Flag Blue (35141)  
Ice Blue (38140)  
Marine Green (46121)  
Survival Orange (50190)  
Bordeaux Red (53121)  
Radiant Red (54121)  

* Colours are a close approximation and should be used for illustrative purposes only.

Price:  £22.50
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Article Number:  53200

Hempel - Brilliant Gloss

Temperature Touch dry Re-coat (min / max) Thinner / tool cleaner Covers
10°c 8 hours 20 hours / 6 days Thinner No. 1 (811) / brush 11m2 per litre
20°c 4 hours 10 hours / 3 days Thinner No. 3 (808) / spray

Data sheet (external site: Hempel Yacht)

Safety sheet (external site: Hempel Yacht)

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