Lewmar - 3 Speed Winch Spares Kit (Ocean & EVO 44-65PB)

Lewmar - 3 Speed Winch Spares Kit (Ocean & EVO 44-65PB)


Manufacturer #:  19700300

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Lewmar - Gear GreaseLewmar - Gear Grease
Lewmar - Race LubeLewmar - Race Lube

As with any precision engineered assembly, Lewmar winches need regular maintenance to operate at peak efficiency. Without this attention, permanent damage and premature wear can result.

Lewmar winches are simple to dismantle and are designed for easy maintenance.


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Product Information

Kit contains -

Part number Description Quantity
1260/7 Standard pawl spring (small) 18
1260/8 Standard pawl (small) 4
1264/8 Standard pawl (large) 4
15044106 Closing ring top cap assy 2
15044111 Plunger top cap assy 2
15044112 Spring top cap assy 2
15044113 Spring top cap assy 2
15137203 Plunger 2
15137204 Spring 2
B2075 Crimped circlip 2
B2083 Circlip top cap assy 1
15044114 Push button top cap assy 1


Winch Service Notes

For satisfactory long-term performance and product life these winches must be given the routine and full maintenance procedure described below.

  • Monthly – All Lewmar winches should be hosed down with fresh water then lightly oiled and greased.
  • Two or three times during active sailing season – All Lewmar winches should be stripped, cleaned and lubricated.
  • At the end of each sailing season or before starting the new season – All Lewmar winches should be completely stripped, cleaned, thoroughly checked for damage, lubricated and reassembled as detailed in the service manual.

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