Lewmar - EVO™ 65ST Self-Tailing Electric Winch Aluminium

Lewmar - EVO™ 65ST Self-Tailing Electric Winch Aluminium



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The Self-Tailing winch that works at the push of a button! Thats exactly what you will find with Lewmar's EVO™ Electric Winch range. Whatever sailing you do, short-handed or long distance cruising, the decision to install electric winches or upgrade your existing winches with a Lewmar conversion kit is simple.

Lewmar are so confident about the quality of their EVO™ Winches, they're backing them up with a 7-year warranty.

Complete kit includes: Deck unit & power drive, motor gearbox, ELS control box, circuit breaker and deck switch.

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Product Information

Lewmar EVO™ Electric Winch Features

  • Push Button
  • Quiet operation
  • Manual override
  • All the benefits of the EVO range
  • Easy to install
  • Inclusive of contactor, motor gearbox, circuit breaker and switch
  • Feature powerful series wound motors
  • Choice of two levels of control: E-Series or Electric Load Sensing (see below)

Lewmar Electric Winch Automatic Speed

When you press the button, Lewmar Electric winches run in the 1st (fast) speed and will do so all the way up to full working load. The winch speed progressively decreases as the load increases so there is therefore no need to engage the 2nd (slower) speed of the winch, saving cost and unnecessary complication.

Lewmar EVO™ Electric Winch Specifications

Size Motor Gearbox Contactor Circuit Breaker Height (H)
Line Entry (L)

700W 12V
900W 24V

E-Series 90A 12V
40A 24V
175 95.4 238.5 50 34.4 120.7 72.5 154
45EST 700W 12V
900W 24V
E-Series 110A 12V
50A 24V
194 100.3 238.5 50 64.4 120.7 72.5 174
50EST 700W 12V
900W 24V
E-Series 120A 12V
70A 24V
246.8 105.2 238.5 50 64.4 120.7 72.5 186
55EST 1600W 12V
2000W 24V
ELS Box 200A 12V
90A 24V
257.5 135.8 290 62 59.5 160 80 209
65EST 1600W 12V
2000W 24V
ELS Box 200A 12V
90A 24V
273.8 141.8 290 62 59.5 160 80 234

When installing a winch, Lewmar recommends the winch be mounted on a level surface and that the rope enters the drum at an angle of 5 to 10 degrees to the base axis of the winch. This angle can be achieved by using a base wedge when mounting the winch.

ELS vs E-Series Contactors

ELS Control Box

Pioneered by Lewmar, ELS electric winches are controlled by an Overload Protection Control Box, which allows the winch to be operated up to a set current relative to the working load limit of the specific winch. Once this current is exceeded, the winch automatically cuts out prior to the circuit breaker tripping. The ELS is simply reset by releasing the deck switch and the winch can be restarted. ELS is supplied as standard with EVO™ Electric winches sizes 55 and over, but can also be fitted with sizes 40-50 as an optional upgrade.

E-Series Contactor

The E-Series contactor is supplied with the EVO™ Electric Winches sizes 40-50 and Ocean Electric Winches sizes 40-48. In the event of the winch being overloaded, the circuit breaker will trip and will need to be manually reset.

Both the E-Series and ELS contactors are equipped with a thermal trip to monitor the motor temperature, which ensures a cut-out if the heat builds up to an unacceptable level.

Lewmar Winch Selection Guide

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