Lewmar - Medium Profile Hatch Size 40

Lewmar - Medium Profile Hatch Size 40


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Ideal as foredeck hatch on larger offshore yachts, the Lewmar Medium Profile hatch has thicker acrylic and deeper frame sections for greater strength and durability.  It features Lewmar's unique sealing system, allowing for easy acrylic replacement. The Medium Profile Hatch blends ruggedness with the smooth, modern lines of the Low Profile Hatch. All sizes certified for CE Category A, Areas 2, 3 & 4.

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Product Information

Lewmar Medium Profile Hatch Features

  • Friction lever holds the lid open in any position up to 95°
  • Fully secure locked vent position
  • Handles incorporate a red locking button and also feature external handles to allow the lid to be opened from the outside
  • Shock resistant acrylic window
  • Replaceable acrylic without the use of sealant
  • Lower frame gutter

Lewmar Medium Profile Hatch Specifications

Lower Frame Flange

Size Style Lower Frame
Overall Size Cut-Out Size* Weight Acrylic
Width (Y) Height (X) Depth (Z) Radius (R) Width (Y1) Height (X1) Radius (R1)
30 Rectangular 15mm 527mm 397mm 32mm 72.5mm 457mm 327mm 42.5mm 5kg 12mm
40 Square 15mm 492mm 492mm 32mm 72.5mm 421mm 421mm 42.5mm 5.9kg 12mm
44 Square 15mm 513mm 513mm 32mm 72.5mm 442mm 442mm 42.5mm 6.4kg 12mm
50 Rectangular 15mm 578mm 448mm 32mm 72.5mm 507mm 377mm 42.5mm 6.3kg 12mm
54 Rectangular 15mm 578mm 463mm 32mm 72.5mm 507mm 392mm 42.5mm 6.5kg 12mm
60 Square 15mm 578mm 578mm 32mm 72.5mm 507mm 507mm 42.5mm 7.8kg 12mm
70 Square 15mm 698mm 698mm 32mm 72.5mm 627mm 627mm 42.5mm 10.6kg 12mm
77 Square 15mm 770mm 770mm 32mm 72.5mm 699mm 699mm 42.5mm 12.7kg 12mm

*Cut-Out sizes may change when Trim Kits are used.

  • Hatches should be fitted to a flat surface with a maximum tolerance of ± 1mm
  • Fastening size for lower frame sections use 5mm CSK screws No. 10 UNC 2BA
  • Fastening size at the hinge section use M6 (¼") screws
  • All hatches have a 'Lower Frame Flange' of 15mm

Lewmar Hatch & Portlight Fitting Guide (PDF)

Lewmar Medium Profile Hatch Range

1 Minimum size for ISO 9094 escape hatch

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