Lewmar - NTR End Stop with Double Control Line Sheaves Size 1

Lewmar - NTR End Stop with Double Control Line Sheaves Size 1


Manufacturer #:  29471032BK

Price:  £66.99
RRP:  £71.46
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The Lewmar NTR range of cars are popular for cruising and racing yachts. The modular system suits any configuration and larger sheaves result in efficient rope handling.

Please see the Lewmar Cars Selection Guide below if you are unsure of the size you need.

(Please note we have used the abbreviation 'CL' for Control Line.)

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Product Information

NTR Range Features

  • Broad range - suitable for craft from 6m (20ft) - 30m (100ft)
  • Re-circulating ball bearing cars and slide rod cap options
  • Short cars for radiused tracks and long cars for compact multiple block attachment
  • Two style of car links for short and standard length cars
  • Modular system creates multiple options and creative solutions
  • Ball bearing control line options on size 2 and 3
  • Lock-on alloy plate cam plate extrusions on size 1 and 2 end stops
  • Cam cleat on car available in size 1 and 2
  • Surface mounted end stops eliminate leakage
  • Mainsheet kits provide a complete system in one package

Lewmar NTR End Stops Size 1

Lewmar NTR End Stops size 1 fit on the corresponding size of Lewmar track which is 23mm in width.

End Stop Part no Working
Load Limit
Length Width Weight
    kg lb mm mm g oz
Track End 29171040BK - - - - 22 0.77
Impact End Stop 29905105BK 500 1100 40 46 24 0.8
Bare End Stop 29471030BK 585 1287 47 29 99 3.5
Single CL Sheave 29471031BK 585 1287 75 50 140 4.9
Single CL Sheave - Becket 29471035BK 585 1287 47 29 165 5.8
Double CL Sheave 29471032BK 585 1287 75 50 172 6.1
Double CL Sheave - Becket 29471036BK 585 1287 47 29 185 6.5
Double CL Sheave - Becket - Cam 29471836BK 585 1287 75 78 258 9.1
Sheet Lead 29441701BK 1000 2200 162 50 480 16.8
Plunger Stop 29471037BK 650 1430 43 50 83 2.9

Lewmar Car Selection Guide

The selection guide is designed for be used as a quick reference only. Calculations are based on the average modern cruising yacht. Sail area, different rigs, heavy or light displacement, multihull or monohull, are all factors which affect a yacht's specifications. Loadings should be obtained from the designer and matched to the safe working load of the hardware. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the correct hardware for your boat.

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