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Lewmar - Portlight Clip Flyscreens

Lewmar - Portlight Clip Flyscreens


Port size:  

Article Number:  367302936

Price:  £33.99
RRP:  £34.91
Save:  £0.92
(Inc. VAT @ 20%)

Clip portlight flyscreens have a stainless wire frame that is covered in a fabric piping.

The securing bars on the inside of the screen can be easily gripped while fitting the screen.

The screen is held in place by sliding clips at the bottom of the bars. These engage between the frame and the seal to lock the flyscreen in place.

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Overall Size

Cut-Out Size


Standard Portlights
0 Opening 323mm 176mm 4mm 62mm 303mm 156mm 52mm
1 Opening 367mm 191mm 4mm 62mm 347mm 171mm 52mm
1RE Opening 367mm 191mm 4mm 95.5mm 347mm 171mm 85.5mm
2 Opening 425mm 176mm 4mm 62mm 405mm 156mm 52mm
3 Opening 449mm 191mm 4mm 62mm 429mm 171mm 52mm
4 Opening 646mm 191mm 4mm 62mm 627mm 171mm 52mm
4L Opening 708mm 195mm 4mm 62mm 688mm 175mm 52mm
4R Opening 708mm 195mm 4mm 62mm 688mm 175mm 52mm
5 Opening 449mm 264mm 4mm 62mm 429mm 244mm 52mm
7RE Opening 425mm 191mm 4mm 95.5mm 405mm 171mm 85.5mm
Atlantic Portlights
10 Opening 304mm 174mm 6mm 71mm 284mm 154mm 61mm
30 Opening 400mm 200mm 6mm 71mm 380mm 180mm 61mm
32 Opening 400m 200mm 6mm 100mm 380mm 180mm 90mm
40 Opening 480mm 200mm 6mm 71mm 460mm 180mm 61mm
60 Opening 600mm 200mm 6mm 71mm 580mm 180mm 61mm
Stainless Steel Portlights
0 Opening 176mm 323mm 4mm 62mm 156mm 303mm 52mm
1 Opening 191mm 367mm 4mm 62mm 171mm 347mm 52mm
1RE Opening 191mm 367mm 4mm 95.5mm 171mm 347mm 85.5mm
7RE Opening 191mm 425mm 4mm 95.5mm 171mm 405mm 85.5mm
8 Opening 196mm 425mm 4mm - - - -


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