Steca - Solar Regulators

Steca - Solar Regulators



Manufacturer #:  CA-11/14

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The Steca Solsum F-Line continues the huge success of one of the most used SHS controllers. With a power range of up to 10A at automatically recognized 12V or 24V it fits to a system sizes of maximum 240W. The circuit board is completely electronically protected and with the LED user interface it is easy to check the battery state of charge at any time. Large terminals guarantee a simple connection of solar panels, battery and load. The Steca Solsum F works on PWM as a low loss series controller.

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Product Information

Solsum Regulator Features:

  • Diode protection to prevent reverse current from the solar panel in darkness
  • Efficient PWM voltage regulation (pulse-width modulation)
  • LED System Indicators
  • Low voltage disconnect feature to maximum load current rating of the model
  • Temperature compensation for accurate voltage sensing
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Automatic system detection for 12V or 24V systems.

Solsum Regulator Specifications

Characterisation of the operating performance
System voltage 12V(24V)
Own consumption <4mA
DC input side
Open circuit voltage solar module
(at minimum operating temperature)
Module Current 6A 8A 10A
DC output side
Load current 6A 8A 10A
End of charge voltage 13.9V (27.8V)
Boost charge voltage 14.4V (28.8V)
Reconnection voltage (SOC/LVR)

>50% / 12.4v...12.7V

Deep discharge protection (SOC/LVD)


Operating conditions
Ambient temperature -25°C...+50°C
Fitting and construction
Terminal (fine/single wire) 4mm² / 6mm² - AWG 12 / 9
Degree of protection IP 32
Dimensions 145 x100 x 30mm
Weight Approx. 150g

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