MG Duff - Zinc Ball Shaft Anode 40mm

MG Duff - Zinc Ball Shaft Anode 40mm


Manufacturer #:  ZSA155

Price:  £39.99(Inc. VAT @ 20%)

Zinc shaft anode to suit a 40mm diameter propeller shaft. For use in salt water only.

The ZSA range of shaft anodes are well known for their quality, and classic golf ball shape. This range of shaft anodes are an excellent way to protect your shaft from corrosion.

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Product Information

ZSA Ball Shaft Anode Specifications

Anode Size Shaft Diameter Out Diameter Length Weight
Metric Anodes
ZSA88 22mm 51mm 48mm 0.31kg
ZSA98 25mm 56mm 55mm 0.49kg
ZSA120 30mm 61mm 61mm 0.55kg
ZSA155 40mm 82mm 73mm 1.20kg
ZSA178 45mm 82mm 73mm 1.14kg
ZSA236 60mm 110mm 90mm 2.59kg
Imperial Anodes
ZSA75 3/4" (19mm) 2.04" (52mm) 2" (51mm) 0.36kg
ZSA88 7/8" (22mm) 2.12" (54mm) 2.08" (53mm) 0.41kg
ZSA112 1 1/8" (29mm) 2.36" (60mm) 2.25" (57mm) 0.52kg
ZSA125 1 1/4" (32mm) 2.42" (61mm) 2.35" (60mm) 0.79kg
ZSA138 1 3/8" (34.8mm) 2.66" (67mm) 2.35" (60mm) 0.67kg
ZSA150 1 1/2" (38mm) 2.78" (70mm) 2.5" (63mm) 0.76kg
ZSA175 1 3/4" (44mm) 3.25" (82mm) 2.75" (70mm) 1.13kg
ZSA200 2" (51mm) 3.6" (91mm) 2.9" (73mm) 1.41kg
ZSA225 2 1/4" (57mm) 4.25" (108mm) 3.75" (95mm) 2.76kg
ZSA250 2 1/2" (63mm) 4.25" (108mm) 3.75" (95mm) 2.35kg
ZSA300 3" (76mm) 4.87" (124mm) 3.62" (92mm) 2.97kg
ZSA350 3 1/2" (89mm) 5.7" (145mm) 3.78" (96mm) 4.10kg
ZSA450 4 1/2" (114mm) 6.25" (159mm) 3.5" (89mm) 4.00kg


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