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NOA - Radar mount

NOA is Scandinavia’s leading manufacturer of radar mounts. The mounts fit all sailing boats and are available in two models; 50mm and 80mm poles.

Price:  £399.95(Inc. VAT @ 20%)

Article Number:  10620

NOA’s radar mount can be fitted entirely on the push-pit. The pole is secured at the base while two struts provide maximum fore/aft and sideways bracing for the pole. For best stability, the fastenings ought to be fitted as close to the deck as possible. For larger radars we recommend fitting the mount with the NOA adjustable base which fits perfectly on angled decks or sloping transoms. If the push-pit is sturdy we suggest using the NOA rail stand-off for unequalled stability.

It is also possible to mount a GPS/VHF mast to the radar mount as well as solar panels. The radar antenna is fitted to two rails and locked in place with two NOA fastenings that simplify the tipping of the radar when heeling.

All radar mounts are made from anodized aluminium and are also available in white (special order).

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