Dometic - Oceanair SKYSHADE Portshade Roller Blinds
 Dometic - Oceanair SKYSHADE Portshade Roller BlindsDometic - Oceanair SKYSHADE Portshade Roller Blinds 

Dometic - Oceanair SKYSHADE Portshade Roller Blinds

Dometic Blinds (Oceanair)


Manufacturer #:  PSH-1-B-RP

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Quick and easy to install, the Oceanair SKYSHADE Portshade is a slim cassette roller blind, suitable for even the smallest portlights. Available in a wide range of standard portlight sizes, Portshades can be used for vertical or horizontal surfaces, with the added benefit of being well suited for curved surfaces.

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Product Information

Oceanair SKYSHADE Portshade Features

  • An elegant roller blind designed to cover portlights of all sizes
  • Marinised to withstand the rigours of the harsh marine environment
  • Simple installation, all mounting hardware included
  • Water repellent, heat reflective and 0% light transmission fabric
  • Available in a range of standard portlight sizes
  • Custom sizes available

Oceanair SKYSHADE Portshade Specifications

Size X Y
1 340mm (13 3/8") 280mm (11")
2 380mm (15") 280mm (11")
3 460mm (18 1/8") 320mm (12 5/8")
4 660mm (26") 320mm (12 5/8")
5 720mm (28 3/8") 320mm (12 5/8")


Custom sizes are available to order - please call us for more information.

SKYSHADE Portshades are provided as standard with face mount fixings. Top mount options are available, please call us if you require a top mounted blind.


A 3-layer blind fabric combines 0% light transmission and 80% heat reflection in a waterproof, UV resistant, low maintenance blind fabric.

Oceanair SKYSHADE Portshade Measuring Guide

You will need a tape measure.

  • Measure both the width and height of the aperture and any trim. The width of the blind fabric (X) is defined as the width of the aperture plus 10mm (3/8"). The height of the blind fabric (Y) is defined as the height of the aperture and any trim plus 50mm (2"). Ideally the blind will be positioned so that, when stowed, the pull down bar and mini grip will be clear of the hatch or portlight and any trim (C).
  • Ensure that you have sufficient space around the aperture to accommodate the overall size of the Portshade both vertically and horizontally (A/B). This area is to be free from obstructions and away from any heat sources.
  • Match the blind fabric X and Y measurements with the list of available sizes below. Always choose a larger size if unsure.
  • Note the Portshade has a trim clearance of 15mm (5/8") (D). The product can however be mounted onto raised blocks to increase clearance.
  • Ensure that the thickness of the boat structure at the proposed mounting position is deep enough to prevent the fixing screws from breaking through (E).

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