Plastimo - Offshore® 75 Compass Bracket/Mini-Binnacle
Colour: White,  Mounting: Mini-Binnacle,  Card: White,  Light: YesColour: White,  Mounting: Mini-Binnacle,  Card: Black,  Light: NoColour: White,  Mounting: Bracket-Mount,  Card: White,  Light: YesColour: White,  Mounting: Bracket-Mount,  Card: Black,  Light: NoColour: Black,  Mounting: Mini-Binnacle,  Card: Black,  Light: YesColour: Black,  Mounting: Bracket-Mount,  Card: Black,  Light: Yes

Plastimo - Offshore® 75 Compass Bracket/Mini-Binnacle



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The Offshore® 75 Compass benefits from Plastimo's invaluable experience with compass engineering.

Whatever the boat speed or vibrations, the Offshore® 75 remains fully efficient, thanks to the exclusive 'Vibration Absorber' system which guarantees exceptional card stability in all conditions. 

  • Mini-binnacle: mounts on a horizontal surface thanks to the unique clip-plate which allows the compass to be removed.
  • Bracket: the broad and sturdy bracket base absorbs the vibrations. Mounting can be done on any surface, whatever the angle, provided that the compass + card unit remains horizontal at all times. Bracket-mount compass can also be removed when fitted with clip-plate.

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Product Information

Plastimo Offshore 75 Compass Features

Card design guarantees accurate readings and safe navigation under all weather or light conditions.

  • Perfect stability of conical card, 70mm apparent diameter.
  • Every card is balanced individually in Plastimo workshops.
  • Front reading: graduation every 5° and compact figures allow for easy reading.

Lighting: The bulb is integrated in the bowel, thus spreading the illumination evenly and preventing eye strain and fatigue at night.

Durable materials: All parts fully UV-impervious. Scratch resistant dome.

Resistance to vibrations tested by LCIE (French official testing laboratory) no. 30 559 010: "Vibration Absorber" exclusive system: minimal contact between the pivot and the sapphire cup.

Watertight construction:

  • One-piece moulded flange and bowl.
  • Viton® diaphragm with extreme expansion and retraction capacity: compensates the fluctuations in fluid volume caused by the differences in temperature and atmospheric pressure, thus preventing the formation of bubbles.
  • Lighting integrated in the bowl.

World balance: one single compass around the world. Double-dip compass designed to operate accurately in both Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Plastimo Offshore 75 Compass Specifications

Boat size Powerboats from 5 - 8m (17 - 26') in length
Compass card Conical card graduated every 5°, apparent Ø 70mm
Heading numerals every 30°
  • Mini-binnacle: on a horizontal surface thanks to a clip-plate (included): compass is removable.
  • With bracket: mounted on a horizontal or inclined surface. Compass is removable thanks to clip-plate.
Resistance to vibrations & hull pounding Magnetic cell equipment with the unique "vibration absorber" system
Lubber line 1 lubber line, fluorescent orange for instant recognition
Compensation Optional
Lighting Included 12-24V LED
Supplied with Clip-plate, screws and drilling template
Approval / homologation ISO 613 compliant

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