Rutland - 1200 Wind Generator Duo Kit

Rutland - 1200 Wind Generator Duo Kit


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Experience the powerful but quiet operation of the new Tri-namic profile blade. Marlec's latest turbine, the Rutland 1200, is the ideal companion for generating energy on board, read on to find out why it is the most technologically advanced micro wind turbine and controller in its class.

The Duo Kit contains all you need to get going - the Rutland 1200 turbine with controller, Marine Mounting Kit & Marine Stays kit.

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Product Information

Rutland 1200 Turbine Features

Tri-namic Blade Profile

This is Marlec's unique blade design that brings together three key performance features in a single blade profile. What makes it Tri-namic?

  1. The Rutland 1200 model maintains Marlec's reputation for turbines with a very low wind speed start up – this means that they capture energy from the lowest and most commonly experienced wind flows so you can rely on your Rutland for the energy you need.
  2. The finely designed blade profile remains almost silent across all wind speeds so you can rest assured that you and your neighbours will not be disturbed by aerodynamic noise. Marlec have benchmarked this important feature against existing competitors and the Rutland 1200 is the quietest on the market.
  3. It’s powerful – in high winds the Rutland 1200 blade achieves high rotation levels thus delivering more power than any other turbine of its diameter range at 3, 6, 12 & 15m/s (6, 12, 23 & 29 Knots) We congratulate Marlec's design team because this is a real first that we know of, no other micro wind turbine brings together all 3 features to benefit the user from excellent power generation combined with silent running whether it’s just a gentle breeze or a stiff wind.

Powerful Turbine Generator

The vast experience at Marlec shines through in thier new rare-earth magnet generator. Rare-earth magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnets manufactured. They produce significantly stronger magnetic fields than other types and require careful handling but payback swiftly in the power they are able to induce.

Low friction is critical to low wind speed performance and Marlec have taken these super strength magnets into their new design of brushless generator yet maintained low wind speed start-up. The Rutland 1200’s supporting structure, called the nacelle, is constructed of high-quality marine-grade materials such as a stainless steel shaft. The sleek outer casing is made from lightweight but robust mouldings to a high UV resistance specification which contrasts the distinctive blue anodised generator casing.

State-of-the-Art Controller Included

Input capacity of the unit is high, accepting both the Rutland 1200 with up to 20A of solar panels, that’s 250W @ 12V and 500W @ 24V. Outputs to 2 battery banks make this an ideal solution for keeping batteries charged on sailing yachts.

Speed governing of the turbine occurs electronically from the controller, this becomes active at 15m/s or 29Kn or 35mph. This intermittently alters the speed of the turbine to reduce aerodynamic and electrical stresses on the system.

A remote digital display is available now. The controller has built-in LED indicators and shutdown switches for the charge inputs.


Marlec construct their Rutland wind turbines using a range of modern and traditional high-quality materials which are designed to endure in a marine environment. They have innovated in their field by introducing lightweight but robust high-density nylon and glass reinforced materials that are UV stable alongside marine grade aluminium, stainless steel, sealed for life bearings and other carefully selected and precision worked materials in their UK factory.

Marlec Guarantee

Rutland Windchargers are designed, developed and manufactured in the UK by Marlec. They warrant their products for 2 years from the date of purchase. With over 35 years of experience in their field, they continuously develop designs and materials to ensure our products withstand the rigours of the testing environments that customers put their Windchargers through. You can buy with confidence that Marlec's products will endure, will meet their claimed specifications and that you are buying a product that has sold, in its versions, worldwide in excess of 100,000 units fully supported by their sales and engineering teams in Corby, UK.

Rutland 1200 Wind Generator Specifications

Cut in wind speed 2.5 m/s
Output voltages available (nominal) 12V 24V
Power/current ratings:
5 m/s (10 knots) 40W (2.9A) 40W (1.45)
11 m/s (21 knots) 290W (21.3A) 290W (10.7A)
15 m/s (29 knots) 483W (35.5A) 483W (17.76A)
Packed weight & dimensions 11.25kg - 900 x 390 x 185mm
Generator type Low friction 3 phase rare earth magnets, brushless
Yaw rotation Slipring for 360° free rotation. Low brush wear.
Governing devices Electronic stalling
Turbine diameter 1220mm
Turning radius 620mm
Net weight 7.8kg (17.2lbs)


Rutland 1200 Performance Data

Marlec publish their curves based on measured data and use ongoing actual performance data collected and monitored over long periods of time of the turbines running in clear and real wind conditions. This means the turbines are also subject to side winds, upwinds and sudden changes of wind direction (these are the causes of turbulence) experienced at a user’s typical installation. The curves represent a truer reflection of the power output you can expect from your Rutland Windcharger compared with many other turbines.

A power curve is usually given by manufacturers to represent the performance of a wind turbine. Some may be based on theoretical or predicted output and others plot the power achieved under steady state conditions. Wind tunnel testing and turbines run on vehicle rooftops can provide useful information for a manufacturer but power curves derived in this way need to be understood as running in a clear and unobstructed wind flow so they do not represent what is actually achieved in real wind conditions. Power curves from theoretical analysis cannot be regarded as representing what is actually achieved at all.

A more useful guide of how much power you can expect from your turbine is the Annual Energy Yield. That’s because wind energy is a “cube law,” which means that when the wind speed doubles the power potential is 8 times! Check the Annual Energy Yield bar chart which uses the Rayleigh distribution to calculate the Ampere hours of battery charging you can expect at given average wind speeds per annum. As these are averaged across the year you should consider how these figures will ebb and flow across the seasons when you might expect a higher average during the windier seasons. Marlec often recommend the combination of wind and solar charging to smooth out the daily energy yield.

Rutland 1200 Interactive 3D Model

Battery Management

The Marlec design team have lead the way in controller technology for micro wind turbines since introducing electronic stall in the 1990’s in preference to energy dissipation. The new Rutland 1200 controller takes another leap ahead introducing Maximum Power Point Tracking technology to optimise power generation from the turbine and solar panels.

  • Hybrid control to combine Rutland 1200 wind turbine with up to 20A of solar panels
  • Dual charging capability to 2 separate battery banks
  • MPPT on both wind turbine and solar panel inputs to maximise both energy sources. Enables connection of high voltage solar panels.
  • Pulse Width Modulation charge control for multi-stage charging ensures fully charged and maintained batteries.
  • Automatic turbine speed reduction as batteries reach capacity, resumes as batteries deplete.
  • Electronic high wind speed protection system automatically reduces turbine speed at 15 m/s (30 Knots).
  • Manual shutdown switches for wind and solar inputs
  • LED charge and battery condition indicators as standard.
  • 258 x 164 x 68mm, 1.3kg
  • Remote digital display optional. Connect with RJ232.

Remote Digital Display

View actual performance, the operating condition and remotely shutdown using the new Remote Digital Display -1200.The Remote Digital Display is designed to be conveniently located on board, for example on a chart table. There are a number of optional screens for continuous display: wind power generation, solar generation or the default screen where both these, battery voltages and charge status are displayed.

  • Push buttons simply scroll through the screen and access setting options.
  • 2 Installation options come as standard for surface or recess mounting and connection to the controller is made via the supplied 3m serial cable. 6m is available to order.
  • Surface mount : 125 x 75 x 50mm, 203g
  • Recess Mount: 125 x 75 x 9mm, 132g Cut out : 100 x 62mm
  • Packed : 155 x 145 x 60, 320g

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