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Sea Teach Sails - Foresails (Second Hand)

Sea Teach Sails - Foresails (Second Hand)

Ocean Chandlery


Manufacturer #:  ST3636

Price:  £120.00
RRP:  £240.00
Save:  £120.00
(Inc. VAT @ 20%)

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good value and fast delivery
Tuesday, 19 June 2018  | 

Sail had bad rust stains which was not noted, but otherwise was as described.. Managed to remove stains, so am now happy with purchase.

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Product Information

Sail number Luff Leech Foot Area Fabric weight Condition & description Price Offer
ST 8578 4.73m 3.76m 2.90m 5.50m2 300gsm Good, Wire luff, Hanks, Jeckells £90 £45.00
ST 8738 6.13m 4.95m 2.44m 6.04m2 300gsm Good, wire luff, Hanks, Jeckells £90 £45.00
ST 7682 7.62m 7.47m 4.11m 15.62m2 200gsm Fair, Rope Luff, Hanks, Alpha Sails £80 £40.00
ST 4317 8.95m 7.40m 4.33m 16.0m2 200gsm New, 7mm Furling, No UV guard £250 £125.00
ST 8446 9.00m 7.85m 3.45m 13.75m2 250gsm New, 5mm luff, Blue UV, Hyde Sails £300 £150.00
ST 8372 10.00m 8.67m 3.86m 16.75m2 320gsm Good, Rope Luff, Hanks, Lucas Sails £160 £80.00
ST 7450 10.21m 10.06m 5.28m 26.50m2 213gsm Good.
Rope / luff hanks. Mitre cut.
£159 £79.50
ST 8694 10.30m 10.20m 5.50m 28.30m2 250gsm Good.
Hanks. Rust marks. Ratsey Sails.
£199 £99.50
ST 8498 10.36m 10.36m 5.49m 27.10m2 250gsm VGC, Rope luff, Piston Hanks, Ratsey & Lapthorn £250 £125.00
ST 6934 10.44m 10.52m 5.26m 27.40m2 255gsm Good.
Wire / hanks. Jeckells Sails.
£149 £74.50
ST 7843 10.52m 10.29m 5.79m 30.50m2 234gsm Good.
Rope luff. Hanks. X-cut.
£249 £124.50
ST 7250 10.55m 9.97m 6.48m 32.10m2 255gsm Good.
Radial foil luff. Cranfield Sails.
£199 £99.50
ST 7840 10.67m 10.52m 6.25m 33.40m2 255gsm Fair.
Rope / hanks. X-cut. Ratsey Sails.
£129 £64.50
ST 6741 10.73m 10.45m 5.64m 30.00m2 234gsm Good.
Rope / hanks. Ratsey Sails.
£169 £84.50
ST8249 10.77m 10.40m 5.76m 29.50m2 255gsm Good, Rope Luff, Hanks, Red fabric £160 £80.00
ST 7972 10.79m 10.27m 5.41m 26.50m2 234gsm Good +.
Rope luff. Hanks. Needs new cringes. Banks Sails.
£219 £109.50
ST 8449 10.90m 10.57m 6.10m 33.2m2 300gsm Good, Rope Luff, Hanks, Hood Sails £198 £99.00
ST 4568 10.97m 10.44m 5.79m 29.80m2 234gsm Good.
Rope / hanks. Few small patches. Konsort No. 1.
£169 £84.50
ST 5039 10.97m 11.12m 5.79m 30.70m2 319gsm Good.
Wire / hanks. Mitre cut. Patches.
£149 £74.50
ST 5388 10.97m 10.36m 5.79m 30.90m2 255gsm Good.
Rope / hanks. Small professional patch.
£169 £84.50
ST 7445 10.97m 10.97m 5.64m 30.90m2 234gsm Fair.
Rope / hanks. Ratsey Sails.
£149 £74.50
ST 2761 11.03m 10.48m 5.89m 31.10m2 255gsm Fair +.
6mm luff. Sail No. 149m, Hood.
£100 £50.00
ST 6466 11.03m 10.82m 5.33m 28.60m2 191gsm Good.
Rope / hanks. Hood. Some repairs. Numbers.
£159 £79.50
ST 7439 11.03m 10.67m 5.71m 31.40m2 213gsm Good.
Rope / hanks. Westaway Sails.
£189 £94.50
ST 4931 11.05m 10.44m 5.79m 30.10m2 213gsm Good +.
Rope / hanks. Westerley Konsort. No. 1. Repair.
£189 £94.50
ST 8744 11.10m 10.97m 6.00m 31.90m2 225gsm Good, rope luff, piston hanks (need freeing) Hood £249 £124.50
ST 6468 11.12m 10.59m 5.88m 30.70m2 213gsm Good.
Rope / hanks. Mitre cut.
£159 £79.50
ST 5184 11.19m 11.05m 5.79m 31.60m 255gsm Good.
Hanks. Light blue. Stains.
£159 £79.50
ST 1195 11.28m 10.74m 5.50m 27.90m2 234gsm Good. Rope luff, Hanks, K591 £169 £84.50
ST 4869 11.43m 11.70m 5.76m 31.00m2 255gsm Good.
8mm luff tape.
£159 £79.50
ST 7615 11.58m 10.97m 6.25m 33.50m2 276gsm Fair +.
Rope luff. Hanks. X-cut.
£159 £79.50
ST 7906 11.58m 11.16m 5.49m 30.10m2 213gsm Fair.
8mm luff core. Team sails.
£119 £59.50
ST 4703 11.66m 11.43m 6.02m 34.20m2 255gsm Good.
Rope / hanks. Patches BV.
£169 £84.50
ST 9102 11.80m 11.35m 5.07m 28.80m2 340gsm

Good, 8mm Furling (Rotostay), Bi-Radial cut, WL Sails,

No UV fitted. Leech a bit grey

£300 £150.00
ST 8444 12.05m 11.65m 6.17m 36.7m2 275gsm Good, 8mm luff, needs new UV, R&L: £198 £99.00
ST 7213 12.20m 11.73m 6.32m 35.00m2 170gsm Good, 7mm luff, Gowan Sails 1979 £120 £60.00
ST 7684 12.50m 12.19m 6.23m 39.20m2 170gsm Good but old.
Mitre cut. Eyelets. No hanks. Mackenzie Sails.
£239 £119.50
ST 3636 12.95m 12.20m 7.24m 43.50m2 200gsm Good, Rope Luff, Hanks, Sanders Sails £240 £120.00
ST 8539 13.90m 13.55m 6.86m 46.00m2 350gsm Good, 4mm luff, UV guard, Sanders Sails £398 £199.00
ST8384 16.50m 16.00m 8.00m 66.00m2   Good, TuffLuff, Radial Vut, Mylar fabric £398 £199.00
ST 7443 18.60m 18.05m 9.15m 81.50m2 Mylar Little Used if at all, Heavy no.1 Genoa, Mylar Fabric, R&L Sails, 9mm luff tape,  £800 £400.00

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