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Spinlock - PXR Cam Cleats


The Spinlock PXR cam cleats are the easiest cleats to release under load.

Compact roller action cam cleat for easy release of high performance control lines.

Price:  £29.99(Inc. VAT @ 20%)
Rope size range:  
PXR Cleat:  

Article Number:  PXR0206

  • Fast precise control for hand tensioned lines
  • Roller action ensures easy release under high load
  • Hard anodised alloy cam and base
  • Ideal for high performance lines
  • Micro size for small diameters
  • Three stage release control switch
  • Ideal for single line spinnaker hoist systems
  • Resists accidental re-cleating


  • Lines: 2mm - 6mm (3/32" - 1/4")
  • Loads up to 140kg (308lbs)


  • Lines: 8mm - 10mm (5/16" - 3/8")
  • Loads up to 200kg (440lbs)

Retro Fit 'T' - Matched hole centres allow direct replacement of traditional cam cleats with PXR

PXR0206/T - 27mm (1 1/16”) hole centres - for upgrading dinghy control line cam cleats

PXR0810/T - 38mm (1 1/2”) hole centres - for upgrading main sheet swivel cleats and traveller systems on dinghies, keelboats and yachts, and upgrading cam cleats on downhauls, vang and backstay controls

Deck Swivel ‘SW’

  • PXR0206/SW for single cleat control of jib sheets and dinghy vangs. Preferred by dinghy builders for single line spinnaker hoist systems
  • PXR0810/SW for bigger boat swivel cam cleat control applications
  • Same footprint as traditional swivel cam cleats

Vertical Pivot 'VP' (2-6mm version only)

  • Pivoting sheave and cleat with ultra compact design
  • Mount centrally for feeding control lines out to the sides
  • Mount under boom for outhaul and gnav controls
  • Mount at mast base for catamaran downhauls and vangs
  • Easily detached
  • Accepts Harken sheave ref: H415

Mast Bracket

Mast bracket available for PXR0206 and PXR0810


Weights and Fasteners


PXR0206 - 43g (1.5oz)

PXR0206/SW - 77g (2.7oz)

PXR0206/T - 53g (1.9oz)

PXR0206/VP - 97g (3.4oz)

PXR0810 - 84g (2.9oz)

PXR0810/SW - 124g (4.3oz)

PXR0810/T - 101g (3.5oz)


PXR0206 - 2 x M4 (5/32") CSK Head (not supplied)

PXR0206/SW - 3 x M5 (3/16") CSK Head (not supplied)

PXR0206/T - 2 x M4 (5/32") CSK Head (not supplied)

PXR0206/VP - Bracket mount

PXR0810 - 2 x M5 (3/16") CSK Head (not supplied)

PXR0810/SW - 3 x M5 (3/16") CSK Head (not supplied)

PXR0810/T - 2 x M5 (3/16") CSK Head (not supplied)


Support Material

Spinlock PXR Cam Cleat Installation Instructions

PXR0206 Drill Guide

PXR0206/SW Drill Guide

PXR0206/T Drill Guide

PXR0206/VP Drill Guide

PXR0810 Drill Guide

PXR0810/SW Drill Guide

PXR0810/T Drill Guide

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