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Sterling - Quasi sine inverters

Sterling - Quasi sine inverters
 Socket type: UniversalSocket type: British / European 


Price:  £43.00
RRP:  £50.19
Save:  £7.19
(Inc. VAT @ 20%)
Socket type:  

Article Number:  I12100

  • Compact design
  • Efficent and Relaible performance
  • Tough aluminium casing
  • Adequate for general requirments in boat
  • European and British sockets
  • Includes cable and 24kt connectors
  • No battery terminal corrosion
Quasi Sine Inverter
D/C Voltage Power (continous) Watts Dimensions  Weight
12V / 24V 100W (Universal socket only) 65mmØ x 145mm 0.2kg - 12V
0.3kg - 24V
12V / 24V 150W (Universal and British European sockets) 100mm oval x 145mm 0.3kg
12V / 24V 200W (Universal socket only) 65mmØ x 145mm 0.3kg
12V / 24V 350W (British / European socket only) 120mm x 150mm x 65mm 1kg
12V / 24V 600W (British / European socket only) 150mm x 150mm x 65mm 1.3kg
12V / 24V 800W (British / European socket only) 180mm x 150mm x 65mm 1.8kg
12V / 24V 1,000W (British / European socket only) * 240mm x 250mm x 100mm 2kg
12V / 24V 1,800W (British / European socket only) * 300mm x 250mm x 100mm 4kg
12V / 24V 2,700W (British / European socket only) * 370mm x 250mm x 100mm 5kg
12V / 24V 4,000W (British / European socket only) 700mm x  250mm x 250mm 10kg
12V / 24V 5,000W (British / European socket only) 700mm x  250mm x 250mm 10kg

* 1,000 - 2,700W versions include remote control and 10m cable

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