TruDesign - Composite Ball Valve 1 1/4'' BSP

TruDesign - Composite Ball Valve 1 1/4" BSP


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TruDesign Ball Valves are designed and made in New Zealand for use in marine applications above and below the water line. They are IMCI & Bureau Veritas approved to ISO standard 9093-2 and are ideal for controlling inlet and outlet water requirements.

The bodies of these valves are moulded in a glass reinforced nylon composite material providing high impact and tensile strength, resulting in a light weight unit, free from corrosion and electrolysis. The internal workings are moulded in a Teflon enhanced polymer for a smooth action, also ensuring continuous ease of operation over many years. The Ball Valve can be locked in the closed position for use on toilet waste outlets.

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Product Information

TruDesign Ball Valve Features

  • Manufactured from a glass-reinforced nylon composite - High strength, tough and light weight
  • Immune to corrosion and electrolysis - Long life with no concerns over decreased performance or breakages due to corrosion
  • Chemical resistant - Impervious to diesel, petrol and antifouling paints
  • Suitable for use on all hull types - aluminium, steel, wood or GRP
  • Can be used in engine rooms
  • UV resistant - Will not degrade or discolour with ultraviolet light from the sun
  • Large operating temperature range (-20° to +90°C)
  • High quality surface finish - Will not discolour with green film as similar bronze fittings do
  • PTFE enhanced sealing and sliding elements mean reduced friction for easy operation and reduction in blockages due to fouling
  • Approved by IMCI & Bureau Veritas to ISO standard 9093-2
  • Every valve is leak tested during manufacture

TruDesign Ball Valve Specifications

Internal diameter Thread Size Weight (g) Weight (oz)
19mm (3/4") 1/2", 3/4", 1" 300 10.6
32mm (1 1/4") 1 1/4", 1 1/2" 450 15.9
52mm (2") 2" 700 24.7

Dimensions correct for 1 1/4" & 1 1/2" ball valves - 32mm (1 1/4") ID shown.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I remove the handle from a TruDesign Ball Valve?
    Yes To aid installation in confined spaces it may be useful to remove the handle from the Ball Valve. To do so follow the steps below: # Remove the flush screw cover from the top of the handle (next to the TruDesign logo) with a sharp knife or small flat headed screw driver. # With a Phillips head screwdriver remove the Stainless screw # Remove the handle by pulling away from the valve body. # Ensure the handle is put back on the Ball Valve after installation. Reattach the stainless steel screw then push the screw cover back on the handle.
  • Do TruDesign Ball Valves require lubrication?
    No. The TruDesign ball valves are manufactured with a Teflon impregnated Ball running on Teflon rings, so no lubrication is required. It is good practice to turn the valve handle every few months to keep the movement free but there have been several examples where TruDesign Ball Valve handles have not been turned for over 12 months and they still function fine.
  • Can you fit TruDesign Ball Valves to bronze skin fittings?
    Yes TruDesign Composite ball valves can be screwed onto an approved bronze skin fitting. First the thread on the bronze skin fitting must be identified to match the TruDesign Ball Valve (either BSP or NPS). In the case of an old existing bronze skin fitting you must check that the bronze is not pitted or corroded from electrolysis and is in good mechanical condition.
  • What sealant should I use between a bronze skin fitting and a TruDesign ball valve?
    The same options as you would use for sealing any TruDesign composite fitting to a TruDesign composite Ball Valve: # 3M 5200 Fastcure # Sikaflex 291i # Loctite 55 Pipe Sealing Cord # Standard PTFE thread tape
  • Can I screw a tapered fitting into a TruDesign Ball Valve?
    NOT RECOMMENDED! The TruDesign Ball Valves have parallel threads and only fittings with parallel threads should be screwed into them. This is a very important issue as parallel threads allow for maximum engagement of the two threads and this is required for maximum strength and sealing. TruDesign have conducted many hours of load testing to gain both IMCI and Bureau Veritas approvals - which will not be covered if fittings with tapered threads are used.
  • Are TruDesign Ball Valves certified?
    YES The TruDesign Ball Valves are Certified by the International Marine Certification Institute (IMCI) and Bureau Veritas to ISO 9093-2.

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