TruDesign - Reducer 25-13mm (1''-1/2'')

TruDesign - Reducer 25-13mm (1"-1/2")


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Designed and made in New Zealand, Tru-Design Reducers are moulded from a glass reinforced nylon composite. High strength, high-modulus glass fibres impregnated into the nylon provides dramatic strength, stiffness, toughness, and dimensional stability.

Tru-Design Reducers eliminate the corrosion and electrical bonding problems associated with metallic fittings. The Reducers are designed for twin hose clamps, and to not crush under high load conditions.

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Product Information

Tru-Design Reducer Features

  • Manufactured from a glass-reinforced nylon composite - High strength and light weight
  • Immune to corrosion and electrolysis - Long life with no concerns over decreased performance due to corrosion
  • Chemical resistant - Unaffected by diesel, petrol, and chemicals
  • UV resistant - Will not degrade or discolour with ultraviolet light from the sun
  • High quality surface finish - Will not discolour with green film as similar bronze fittings do
  • BSP (parallel) threads - Universal compatibility to other TruDesign Ball Valve, threaded fittings, and other marine components
  • Large operating temperature range - Suitable for all marine environments, from -20°C to +100°C

TruDesign Reducer Specifications

Size Minimum ID
19-13mm 8mm
19-16mm 11mm
25-13mm 8mm
25-19mm 13mm
32-25mm 19mm
38-25mm 19mm
38-32mm 25mm


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