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Wichard - Speedlink trigger snap shackles

Wichard - Speedlink trigger snap shackles
 Shackle bail: Universal eyeShackle bail: Eye for webbing 


Shackle bail:  
Shackle length:  

Article Number:  WD-2650

Price:  £129.22(Inc. VAT @ 20%)

  • The special load-bearing surface of the swivel eye avoids excessive rope wear, while Its overall design prevents adjacent lines from jamming.
  • Easy opening: opening under load, by using the release fid, is easy and effortless thanks to the generous passage diameter and optimised slopes.
  • Secure locking: the shape of the latch reduces inertia and avoids unintentional opening, especially under impact, while the distribution of stresses limits the effort needed to open it under load.
  • Sturdy: Speedlink is forged in HR stainless steel and can bear exceptional working and breaking loads for a minimum weight.

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Universal eye version

  • For halyards, spinnaker sheets... 
  • Can handle 2 sheets or 1 sheet and 1 snap hook/shackle 
  • Forged in HR stainless steel

Webbing eye version

  • For foresail tack points 
  • Optimized design for fitting to webbing 
  • Forged in HR stainless steel

Universal eye: for halyard, spinnaker and peeling
Part no. Length Bail size

Working load

Break load


2650 74mm 11.5mm Ø 1100kg 2300kg 59g
2652 87mm 15.5mm Ø 1440kg 3400kg 97g
2654 108mm 22mm Ø 2320kg 5400kg 173g
2656 134mm 26mm  Ø 4300kg 8700kg 326g
 Eye for webbing: for tack point aplications
Part Length Bail size

Working load

 Break load


2750 72mm 11mm Ø 1100kg 2000kg 58g
2752 83mm 13mm Ø 1440kg 3400kg 95g
2754 102mm 17mm Ø 2320kg 5400kg 174g
2756 128mm 21mm Ø 4300kg 8700kg 337g

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