Barton - Series 1 Block Plain Bearing Single Double Tang

Barton - Series 1 Block Plain Bearing Single Double Tang


Manufacturer #:  N01090

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The 30mm sheave Size 1 block range is designed with an internal steel frame for added strength and durability. Available in plain and ball bearing sheave options, the lightweight modern design is available in variations that allow for a multitude of uses on every size craft.

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Product Information

Barton Size 1 Block Specifications

Sheave Ø Sheave Width Max Rope Ø Safe Working Load Break Load Length Weight
30mm 12mm 8mm 355kg 710kg 55mm 47g

Barton Sheaves

Barton Plain Bearing Blocks

All Barton plain bearing blocks have a precision moulded, Acetal sheave running on a large diameter brass bearing, ensuring free running under the highest of loads.

The Barton Ball Bearing Option

All Barton blocks from series 0 to size 7 offer the option of a high performance, low friction ball bearing sheave.

Friction is reduced by 23% when using a Barton ball bearing sheave compared to a plain sheave.

Plain bearing versus ball bearing sheaves

Use a plain bearing sheave for a high static load; for example mast base, (main and genoa) mast head and kicker or when the sheave will be under a high load and the sheave will turn infrequently. Use a ball bearing sheave where fast, constant adjustment is required, for example mainsheets or spinnaker sheets. 

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