iWinch - Electric Drill Winch Adaptor

iWinch - Electric Drill Winch Adaptor


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Instantly electrify your winches with iWinch and your cordless screwdriver.

Use your cordless screwdriver together with iWinch to hoist your main, furl your headsail, hoist anchor and much more.

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Product Information

Modern screwdrivers are now very strong and reliable with new Lithium technology and brushless motors. The most important advice is: your iWinch is never better than your screwdriver, so please ensure yours is strong enough. iWinch recommend the Dewalt DCD996P2. 95nm, brushless and with 2x5ah batteries.

iWinch is machined from one piece of super anodised aluminium, in Sweden.

How to use iWinch -

How do I handle the machine? Start at low speed to increase the speed when you feel the resistance. When using low / intermediate loads it is possible to steer the machine with one hand. However, if higher load occurs, you should relieve your hand that controls the speed of the machine by crossing your arms and holding the battery part. A technique that works very well as you completely relieve your wrist. Some machines also have a relief arm mounted on the machine which is good to use. Avoid kick-back from the machine.

Do not overload iWinch to avoid a so called kick-back from the machine. This to make sure you don't injure your self, your electrical screwdriver or the iWinch-bit.

Many screwdrivers have multiple gears, learn which gear works the best and in what mode. Your winch will also have different gears, learn which direction works the best. Do not use a low quality electric screwdriver as it may be overloaded. iWinch advise that you try the machine you have and if it is not efficient enough, upgrade to a stronger quality brushless machine around 95 Nm. Brushless machines are more efficient because of no friction losses which will increases battery life, cools better and increases the life of the machine.

If possible buy a machine with preferably 2x5 Ah. Also use a converter for charging onboard the boat. However, modern lithium batteries last a long while before charging is needed. If you want to use iWinch on a sail race, it's a great way to handle the sails faster and more efficiently.

iWinch has to be mounted against the chuck.

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