Kohlhoff- Loop® Blocks
Kohlhoff- Loop® BlocksKohlhoff- Loop® BlocksKohlhoff- Loop® Blocks

Kohlhoff- Loop® Blocks



Manufacturer #:  LB45-3

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Kohlhoff Loop® Blocks are compact and lightweight multi-purpse snatch blocks fastened with a loop.  The short standard loop minimises the damage to deck, hull or superstructure.  Longer loops are available to extend the range of use and allow the block to swivel.  Due to its construction the loops always remain easy to unfasten even after full loading.

Kohlhoff Loop® Blocks are weight saving, compact sized and easy to use.

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Product Information

Kohlhoff Loop® Blocks are available with plain bearings or ball bearings.  The ball bearing blocks in fact have a two stage bearing.  At lower loads the ball bearing minimises friction, at higher loads the plain bearing comes into effect.  The loops are covered with extra Dyneema® to provide a smooth surface and to increase the abrasion resistance.  They are terminated by a diamond knot or a pin.

Product No. Loop® Block Sheave Weight Rope Diameter MWL
LB45-3 Plain bearing 45 with Knot Acetal 88 g up to 12 mm Ø 1,500 kg
LB60-3 Plain bearing 60 with Knot Acetal 206 g up to 16 mm Ø 3,000 kg
LB45BB-4 Ball bearing 45 with Pin Acetal 96 g up to 12 mm Ø 1,500 kg
LB45NN-4REEF Ball bearing 45 with Longer Loop Pin Acetal 96 g up to 12 mm Ø 1,500 kg
LB60BB-4 Ball bearing 60 with Pin Alloy 243 g up to 16 mm Ø 3,000 kg
LB60BB-4REEF Ball bearing 60 with Longer Loop Pin Alloy 243 g up to 16 mm Ø 3,000 kg
LB80BB-3 Ball bearing 80 with Knot Alloy 608 g up to 22 mm Ø 5,000 kg
LB60NB-4 Torlon needle bearing 60 with Pin Alloy
266 g up to 12 mm Ø 2,000 kg

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