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Lewmar - DC2 rope clutches

Lewmar - DC2 rope clutches
Lewmar - DC2 rope clutchesLewmar - DC2 rope clutchesLewmar - DC2 rope clutchesLewmar - DC2 rope clutches


Lewmar continues to define rope clutch technology with a variable geometry handle and unique grip pattern of dominos that prevent rope fray. This revolutionary system has been independently tested time and again and has won awards for its innovative framework.

Instead of just jamming the rope, the domino mechanism flexes it for better grip and reduced rope wear.

Line entry and exit angle should not exceed 15° from the rope clutch centre line.

Use pan head M8 fixings, do not tighten beyond 22Nm torque.

Price:  £93.99
RRP:  £99.66
Save:  £5.67
(Inc. VAT @ 20%)

Article Number:  29101410BK

DC2 rope clutches
Clutch Line size Holding load Length Height Width Weight WLL
DC2 single 8-10mm 500kg 156mm 88mm 38mm 650g 1200kg
10-12mm 500kg 156mm 88mm 38mm 1,216g 1200kg
12-14mm 500kg 156mm 88mm 38mm - -
DC2 double 8-10mm 700kg 156mm 88mm 68.5mm 650g 1200kg
10-12mm 700kg 156mm 88mm 68.5mm 1,216g 1200kg
12-14mm 700kg 156mm 88mm 68.5mm - -
DC2 triple 8-10mm 1,000kg 156mm 88mm 99mm 650g 1200kg
10-12mm 1,000kg 156mm 88mm 99mm 1,216g 1200kg
12-14mm 1,000kg 156mm 88mm 99mm - -

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