Lewmar - V3 Vertical Windlass Kits (FastFit™)
Lewmar - V3 Vertical Windlass Kits (FastFit™)Lewmar - V3 Vertical Windlass Kits (FastFit™)Lewmar - V3 Vertical Windlass Kits (FastFit™)Lewmar - V3 Vertical Windlass Kits (FastFit™)Lewmar - V3 Vertical Windlass Kits (FastFit™)

Lewmar - V3 Vertical Windlass Kits (FastFit™)



Manufacturer #:  6672221197-139

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Easy anchoring starts with a Lewmar windlass. The Lewmar V3 vertical windlass is suitable for boats approximately 38-49ft with average displacement. Displacement, windage and anchor weight must be taken into account when selecting a windlass. If your boat is of heavy displacement, consider a larger windlass model.

This kit contains everything you need to need to set up your new windlass - deck unit, motor gearbox, gypsy, contactor, circuit breaker & rocker switch. You may wish to add deck foot switches or a remote control in addition.

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Product Information

  • Rope-chain gypsy
  • Manual chain release (Free Fall)
  • Cone clutch for smooth, easy control
  • Optional manual override motor gearbox
  • W.A.R.P Drum
  • Fall safe anchor lock
  • Robust/reliable worm gearbox
  • FastFit equipped for quicker installation and less hassle
  • Emergency recovery kit available
  • Water resistant IP68 kits available (please call us for a quote)

Lewmar FastFit™ Feature

The FastFit™ motor gearbox attachment enables the windlass to be fitted by one person alone.

While the gearbox alignment to the deck unit is critical to a standard installation, the FastFit™ clamping system perfectly aligns the deck unit and motor gearbox for a perfect fit first time. The motor gearbox can be fitted and rotated in increments of 45°.

To install your windlass, simply fix the deck unit to the deck, slide the gearbox up the shaft, swing the FastFit™ clamp shut and tighten up the bronze nut. Simple!

Lewmar V Series Specifications

Model Motor power Max pull Working load Max line speed  Normal current draw Circuit breaker Weight
  Gypsy only Gypsy/drum
V1-12V 700W 454kg 113kg 19 m/min 80A 90A 19kg -
V2-12V 700W 650Kg 163kg 21 m/min 80A 90A 19kg 22kg
V2-24V 900W 760kg 180kg 24 m/min 45A 50A 19kg


V3-12V 1000W 890kg 215kg 28 m/min 85A 110A 21.5kg 24.5kg
V3-24V 1000W 1020kg 243kg 30 m/min 60A 90A 21.5kg 24.5kg

Lewmar V Series Gypsy Specifications

Gypsy Number Chain Description Rope Description
006 6mm ISO 4565, 1/4" G40, 1/4" BBB 12-14mm (1/2") 3-strand and 8-plait
000 7mm ISO 4565, 1/4" G40, 1/4" BBB 12-14mm (1/2) 3-strand and 8-plait
001 8mm DIN 766, 8mm ISO 4565, 5/16" G40 12-16mm (1/2"-5/8") 3-strand and 8-plait (5/8" only)
002 10mm DIN 766, Campbell 3/8" S4 12-16mm (1/2"-5/8") 3-strand and 8-plait (5/8" only)
003 10mm iSO, Campbell 3/8" S3, Lewmar 9.5mm G40 16mm (5/8") 3-strand and 8-plait

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