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Navisafe - Navi light 360° 2NM


The Navi light 360° 2NM – white LED navigation light.

Price:  £54.95(Inc. VAT @ 20%)

The Navi light 360° 2NM – US Coast Guard approved for 2 nautical miles is the most versatile light of Navisafes range of battery operated portable navigation lights and includes a 360° All-round light, 225° Masthead light, 135° Sternlight, Flashing light, Anchoring light and a Cabin light. It uses super bright LED light, is water proof, floats and attaches almost anywhere through its double magnetic mounting system.

On a power-driven vessel < 7m in length (speed not exceeding 7kts):

  • All-round 360° white light

On a power-driven vessel < 12m in length:

  • As a masthead light
  • As a stern light
  • As an all-round 360° white light

On a power-driven vessel 12 - 50m in length:

  • As a stern light
  • As an all-round 360° white light

On rowing / paddle vessels:

  • As an all-round 360° white light

On an anchored / aground vessels:

  • As an all-round 360° white light
  • USCG approval for 2NM (nautical miles)
  • 6 modes:
    • 360° all-round white light
    • 225° masthead light
    • 135° stern light
    • Flashing light
    • Anchoring light
    • Cabin light
  • Floatable, waterproof (>20m) and air-tight
Navi light TriColor 2NM
Model LEDs Burn time (approximate)
360° all-round white light 16 15 hours
225° masthead light 10 24 hours
135° stern light 6 32 hours
Flashing light 16 85 hours
Anchoring light 16 15 hours
Cabin light 4 72 hours
Other specifications
Power 3 x AAA batteries (not included)
Height 35mm
Width 68mmØ
Weight 113g

The double magnetic system consists of the Navi light with its magnetic base, a separate magnetic plate and a screw for attaching the plate to a wooden deck for example. It also holds the light safely on many plastic boats, biminis or any other material by placing the light on top and the magnetic plate underneath. Additionally Navisafe offers a wide range of specially designed magnetic mountings such as the Clamp-on Rail mount, Bendable Suction-mount and the Telescopic Poles that easily allow the lights to be attached.

Product includes:

  • Magnetic bracket
  • Mounting scews
  • 3x lanyards for multiple fixing and securing

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