Profurl - R250 Racing Reefing System
Profurl - R250 Racing Reefing SystemProfurl - R250 Racing Reefing SystemProfurl - R250 Racing Reefing SystemProfurl - R250 Racing Reefing System

Profurl - R250 Racing Reefing System



Manufacturer #:  R25010

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The Profurl R250 system was designed for boats between 6m and 9m (19 ft to 30 ft). The Racing systems bring performance and ease of use thanks to innovations like the opening pre-feeder delivered as standard. They are dedicated to boats from 6 to 20 m and have been especially designed for the racing-cruising sailors. They are equipped with black aerofoil extrusions

The R250 System is supplied with Short Link Plates as standard. See below for further information.

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Product Information

Profurl R250 Furling System Specifications

Name R250
Range Racing
Max forestay diameter 6.35mm (1/4") - rod 10
Boat length From 6 to 9m  (19 to 30ft)
Standard furling length (others) 8m (10 and 12m)
Extrusion length 2m (6' 6")
Extrusion shape and colour Oval & black (see below)
Clevis pin diameter 8/10/12/14/16 mm
Feeder Yes
Luff line diameter 5mm (13/64")
Double luff groove Yes
Removable drum Yes
Furling line diameter 6 or 8mm (15/64" or 5/16")
Drum capacity 11.1m with 6mm furling line
6.2m with 8mm furling line
Max LP 4.5m with 6mm furling line
2.5m with 8mm furling line
Max genoa area 30 sqm
Standard fitting Closed to the deck
Warranty 10 years

Profurl R250 Furling System Dimensions

Dimensions of the standard model (mm)
A 32

B 10
C 16
D 130
ØD1 150
E 79
F 460
G 96
H max 88
I 109
J 72
K 25
L 163
L1 18
M 68
N 15
P 133
Q 74
R 60
T max 26
U 165
V 76
W 97
Y 25
Z 8127

 Why Choose Profurl Racing Manual Furling?

  • Range of 5 models for boats from 6 to 20 m.
  • Black anodised aerofoil profile.
  • Light and robust extrusions
  • Maintenance free ball bearings
  • Several fitting possibilities: adjustment plates, long link plates, turnbuckle cylinder, below the deck fitting, stainless steel locking devices
  • Additional option: stainless steel locking devices or turnbuckle cylinder
  • 10-year worldwide limited warranty.

Choosing your Profurl Racing Furling System

    Boat length (metres) and max sail area
Model Max Forestay Ø mm 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 16 19
R250 6.35 30m2              
R350 8           45m2            
R420 10               70m2        
R430 11.1               90m2      
R480 12.7/14*                     100m2


Profurl Racing Systems Specifications

Racing Range R250 R350 R420 R430 R480
  Halyard swivel systems
Max forestay Ø
6.35 8 10 11.1 12.7/14*
Equivalent in # rod # 10 # 17 # 22 # 30 # 40
Clevis pin Ø
8-10-12-14-16 10-12-14-16-19-22-25 16-18-19-22-25-28
Furling standard length
8 12 14 16 18
Extrusion length
2 2 2 2 2
0.383 0.638 0.835 0.835 1.2
Removable drum
Opening pre-feeder
Double luff groove
Luff line Ø
5 5 5 5 6
Luff rope pre-feeder Optional
Long link plates Optional
Turnbuckle cylinder Optional
Stainless steel
locking devices
Optional Specific locking device
Warranty 10-year worldwide warranty

*If using a swageless eye, you must take both the maximum sail surface area and the drum capacity into consideration.

What kind of fitting for my Profurl furling system?

  1. Standard fitting with short link plates -  Type of locking devices: standard and threaded pin for a stay eye fitting
  • Raise the drum mechanism in order to clear the deck in case of obstacles (bow roller etc.).
  • Fitting with adjustment plates is also possible.
  1. Fitting with long link plates - Type of locking devices: standard
  • The drum can be lifted to avoid interference with the anchor and to reduce the sail chafe of the lifelines.
  • The forestay length is still adjustable.
  1. Fitting close to the deck -  Type of locking devices: stainless steel and smooth pin
  • Increase the luff length.
  1. Fitting with a turnbuckle cylinder - The rigging screw goes into the turnbuckle cylinder
  • The furler can be fitted lower to the deck.
  • It is also possible to use a combination of a turnbuckle cylinder and long link plates.
  1. Below the deck fitting
  • An aesthetic solution chosen by some boatbuilders (Beneteau, X-Yacht), contact for more information.
  • Adjustable tack fitting.


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