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Sea Sure - 25mm blocks

Sea Sure - 25mm blocks
Block: Single - bolt down blockBlock: Single - general purpose blockBlock: Single - block + clevis pinBlock: Single - block + shackleBlock: Single - block + hollow rivetBlock: Single - block + becket
Block: Single - block + v-jammerBlock: Single - swivel blockBlock: Single - general purpose blockBlock: Single - deck lead blockBlock: Single - base mounted swivel blockBlock: Quarter lead block - short plate
Block: Quarter lead block - long plateBlock: Double - block + clevis pinBlock: Double - block + shackleBlock: Double - block + swivel hookBlock: Double - block + becketBlock: Double - block + v-jammer
Block: Double - block + centre becketBlock: Triple - block + shackleBlock: Triple - block + centre becketBlock: Triple - block + v-jammer

Sea Sure

The "00" range offers an unparalleled range of control line configuration opportunities. Their classic design has stood the test of time. The high strength to weight ratio and simple construction gives years of trouble free service. You will often find them in use after more than 30 years! They feature hollow rivets for lightness and tough plastic sheaves that provide a good bearing surface allowing easy rotation under a range of load conditions. The robust electro-polished 316 stainless steel construction also gives a high chafe resistance should any feed or take-off misalignment occur.

Price:  £5.99(Inc. VAT @ 20%)

Article Number:  00.01

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