Wichard - High Resistance Snap Shackles with Large Bail

Wichard - High Resistance Snap Shackles with Large Bail



Manufacturer #:  2373

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HR Forged snap shackle (grade 17.4 PH stainless steel) with large swivel eye.

Wichard High Resistance 'HR' Snap Shackles are the product of cutting- edge technological development, they are simple, safe and strong.

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Product Information


  • The large eye allows you to attach several ropes
  • Free rotation of the snap shackle thanks to the swivel eye
  • The plunger pin is set captive into the hook and cannot become detached
  • Excellent working and breaking loads
  • Easy to open by pulling the plunger pin (possiblity to attach a lanyard)


  • Snap shackle applications
  • Applications requiring a free rotation of the snap shackle (for a better sail orientation)


  • HR stainless steel 17.4 PH
  • TA6V Titanium (52475)

Wichard Thimble Swivel Eye Snap Shackle Specifications

Shackle 2373 2375 2377
Weight 70g 160g 398g
Length 80mm 105mm 140mm
Working Load 960kg 1280kg 2800kg
Breaking Load 2000kg 3600kg 7500kg
A 16mm 21mm 26mm
B 19mm 26mm 35mm

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