Lewmar - Replacement Medium Profile Hatch Acrylics

Lewmar - Replacement Medium Profile Hatch Acrylics



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Replacement acrylics/lenses are available for Lewmar Low and Medium Profile hatches. See our hatch identification information below to help you identify your hatch.

New acrylics are supplied complete with new seal pre-mounted, plus new handles and friction lever cap.

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Product Information

Replacing your hatch acrylic is easy - simply remove the lid, unscrew the frame and pull apart, the old acrylic will drop out and you can reassemble with your new acrylic.

Please note that depending on the age and condition of your hatch, it is not uncommon for the Joining Inserts to break as the frame pulls apart. We recommend having a replacement to hand so you do not get caught out halfway through the job. We will happily refund any unused Joiners.

Lewmar Hatch Identification

Distinguishing between Lewmar Low profile and Medium profile hatches

These two variants look alike but have differing hatch frame thicknesses.

  • Low profile hatch lids are 22mm thick
  • Medium profile hatch lids are 27mm thick

Distinguishing between Mk 1 and Mk 2 hatches

The design of Lewmar Low and Medium profile hatches changed from Mk1 to Mk2 between July and December 2000, so if you are certain your hatch was constructed before or after this time then you should know which design you have.

If you are uncertain or require confirmation, then there are a few ways to check.

  • Roll pin.  Mk 1 hatches (left) have a visible roll pin (marked in the red circle), on the underside of the lid near the hinge, Mk 2 hatches (right) do not.

  • Lens code.  All Low and Medium profile hatches have a lens code, which is embossed on the underside of the lid next to the handle. You will have to pull the seal back to reveal the lens code.

Lewmar Medium Profile Hatch Sizes

Size Hatch overall size Hatch cut-out size
Width (Y) Height (X) Width (Y1) Height (X1) Radii (R1)
Size 30  397mm 527mm 327mm 457mm 42.5mm
Size 40 491mm 491mm 421mm 421mm 42.5mm
Size 44 512mm 512mm 442mm 442mm 42.5mm
Size 50 447mm 577mm 377mm 507mm 42.5mm
Size 54 462mm 577mm 392mm 507mm 42.5mm
Size 60 577mm 577mm 507mm 507mm 42.5mm
Size 70 698mm 698mm 627mm 627mm 42.5mm
Size 77 770mm 770mm 699mm 699mm 42.5mm

Tutorial Videos

Removing the Lid of your Low or Medium Profile hatch

Removing the frame to release the acrylic (& replace seal)

How to find your lens code

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